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Tag: R&B

Vice & Jason Derulo – Make Up Lyrics

Make Up Lyrics by Vice & Jason Derulo Feat. Ava Max Released : 2018 [Jason Derulo] Come here girl Vice (ha-ha, yeah, yeah, yeah) [Jason Derulo] Uh, so tired of […]

Nao – If You Ever Lyrics

If You Ever Lyrics by Nao Feat. 6LACK Released : 2018 [Verse 1: NAO] It’s about time Maybe we’ll make it, no Save your light And somehow we’ll make it […]

Khalid – Suncity Lyrics

[Chorus: Khalid & Empress Of] Llévame a ciudad de sol Llévame, llévame Donde deje mi corazón Llévame, llévame Llévamelo Solo la ciudad de sol Llévame, llévame Donde deje mi corazón […]

Daniel Caesar – Who Hurt You? Lyrics

Who Hurt You? by Daniel Caesar Released : 2018 Take me back to Georgia, back to Atlanta Funny how present turns past I might fly Priscilla out just for ‘Bana […]

FELIVAND – Overgrown Lyrics

it’s been six years since i regressed but i still kiss upon your chest my flaws lay to bare when i undress i know this would hurt me less and […]

SoMo – Better Me Lyrics

Better Me by SoMo Released : 2018 Do you want a little privacy? Or do you wanna run away with me? You know I’m overplayin’ hide & see And I’ve […]

NAO – Drive and Disconnect Lyrics

Drive and Disconnect Lyrics Run, run, running Drive me away, I See ’em come, come, coming Don’t wanna stay, wanna stay in Days like, days like this, like this Find […]

Chris Brown – Fuck Me Up Lyrics

F--- Me Up by Chris Brown Released : 2018 Everything you did Everything you did Everything you did Everything you did Baby, you keep thinking of reasons, I don’t know […]

Macy Gray – Buddha Lyrics

Buddha Lyrics Album : Ruby Release Date: September 21, 2018 Genre : R&B If it’s what you feel, my advice is that you show it So baby cry ’cause if […]

Mariah Carey – GTFO Lyrics

GTFO by Mariah Carey Release Date : September 14, 2018 Genre : R&B/Soul How about you How about you You took my love for granted You left me lost and […]