ten56. – Saiko Lyrics

Saiko Lyrics – ten56.

Sometimes I just wanna be alone,
But I got this f*****g devil on the inside of my dome,
I try to sleep, try to breathe, stay sane,
Leave to my madness get the f**k out of my brain.

Shut the f**k up!

You’re a toxic pathogen,
Filthy allergen,
Creeping inside just to Infect my mind again

Oh look what a shocker,
Wallowing around in self pity poor you motherf****r!
Quit your bi****ng and just do it,
Quit saying that you will now grab the gun and f*****g cock it (ugh!)

F**k you! Get your hands up off me,
Shut your mouth you don’t know the first thing about me,
Who I am, the what, the why, and how I grew up,
How can I be responsible for…

Oh my god, put a sock in it
Playing with the gun it’s in your mouth, but never cocking it,
Always crying with your pussy f*****g attitude, yeah we get it no-one’s ever had it worse than you,
Oh my god,
Don’t you get it no-one cares quit your talking you’re too scared boy,
we all know you won’t do a thing about it, just grab another pill and sit your b***h ass down

Shut the f**k up
Shut the f**k up!

I would take my life to put you in the f*****g ground,
Say my name,
You make me feel sick!

You got me feeling so sick!

You got me feeling so hopeless (hopeless)
Desperate (Desperate)
I can’t wait to end this,
Put that s**t under my chin
Blow us both to pieces

You think you can just f*****g get rid of me?!
You were born with me, and you’ll f*****g die with me too,
So just hold on tight, there’s no turning back now mate,
Just close your f*****g eyes,

Let’s see who hits the ground first!

Let’s see who hits the ground,
Running and running nothing but talking here he goes again,
What you gonna do this time b***h?
Run to your momma like I’m so depressed?
But no-one cares don’t you get it,
I got you here boy, don’t you forget it,
I’m not your enemy,
I am you and you are me!

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