The New Year – The Last Fall Lyrics

The Last Fall by The New Year
Album : Snow
Released : 2017
Genre : Alternative Rock
Label : Undertow

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○ The New Year – Snow (Album 2017)
01. Mayday
02. Snow
03. Homebody
04. Recent History
05. The Last Fall
06. Myths
07. The Party’s Over
08. Amnesia
09. The Beast
10. Dead and Alive

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● ” The Company I Can Get ”

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[ Quotable ]
The highway takes
A toll on your soul
The odometer reads miles
Like time calling roll
In the broken road kill
It’s there in their eyes
Was I put here
To be food for the flies

● ” Seven Days and Seven Nights ”

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[ Quotable ]
And at least keep the sun on our skin
The make-up for a fading grin
I don’t want to go home
Dial my boss and hand me the phone…

● ” Alter Ego ”

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[ Quotable ]
I can’t force you to fail or force you to shut up
And I don’t want you to fail
I want you to show up
But you’re making a choice to which it’s hard not to

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