V9 ft. Smokes – GUZU SHIFT Lyrics

GUZU SHIFT Lyrics by V9 ft. Smokes

I smoke on dead
I’m smoking ya friends
Heard ya boss got left with no head
His neck and chest
Got drilled as well
I spin stokey
And I spin thru the l
Got shots in the glock
And opps on lock
Bullets gon put him shock
Lightning gun
Make him wobble and drop
5 second rule
Let’s get him and duss
Pick him up
Drop him off
I got your bro
All over my blunt

He got caught tryna catch da train
Said it’s beef
Got shaved and blazed
Up my nine like I’m dropping rakes
In the 9 looking for jay
Let’s catch him pronounce him
Watch his friends announce him

I’m charged up like a super saiyan
Rage for my paigons
I feel like broly
I wanna go
I wanna put on a show
Spin thru the 16 letting off 16
You c me
Imma do a boy greazy
Spit on his grave
I’m way too cheeky
Don’t play widda guzu
Rudeboy I’m sneaky
Grrrrr pow

Leave homeboy leaking
Take him down
Im leaving u tweaking
I ain’t just speaking
I’ll send the reapers
And I’ll send you back to jesus

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