Virtual Riot – In My Head feat. PRXZM Lyrics

In My Head Lyrics by Virtual Riot feat. PRXZM

All I can hear is your voice in my head Telling my I should’ve just stayed in bed But the lights are off and no one’s

I’m walking down an empty road, Looking for a sign that I’m still here Turn my face into the wind, Start to lose my place again Has this all just been a dream?

Give me the sign that I’m not losing my mind
Pinch me, pull me out into the light
Losing track of time and space,
Running ‘gainst my own race,
Feeling like the walls are caving in Trying to come up for air,
This is more than I can bare,
Think it’s time to go back to bed
Ohh, in my head
Ohh, in my head
Ohh, in my head
Ohh, in my head

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