Zulu – Where I’m From Lyrics

Where I’m From Lyrics – Zulu

Few and far between
I know you see
We can’t even be
who we want to be
Check it
It’s been exclusion from the jump
and that’s a fact
Ya bumbaclat
Fiya bun fi dat
Yo I can’t shake it
You really believe
But in this big white cloud
I can hardly breathe
You wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for us
And this one thing
One thing
You can trust

We’ve been here
And we ain’t going nowhere

Feel it when you see us
It’s that serious
Won’t ask for what’s mine
I’m anointed

First it’s me then you
I will not bruise
I don’t gotta run
Blessed in my own skin
I will not bruise
I know where I’m from

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