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Dax – Dear Black Santa Lyrics

Dear Mr. Santa, my name Dax is and Ive been a good kid, I made a list of the s--- that I wanted this year did you read it? I’m hoping you did! I put my country, my state, my street, my chimney, just so you’d know where I live. Stopped watching porn, gave to homeless, so like damn dude don’t be a b----!

Yea I want Cadillac color matte black
Ye I want a thick b---- with a fat a--
Ye I want crib to crash with a pool and a court, and a golf course all in the back
Ya I want gucci
Coupled with a Million Dollar
Instagram a million followers
Takeout food from Benihana’s
I needa follow back lele pons
I needa drake Feature on a song
I could probably do this s--- myself and all but I ain’t really trynna wait that long
So Santa this is my list and I’m confident in you that you complete it me and your daughter are friends and if I don’t get all of my s--- ima Mike Jackson beat it.

Dear Mr Dax, I took the time to go over your list, and unfortunately I’m sorry to say you have been a bad kid. I can get ya some s--- but not all those gawd dang gifts, and as for my daughter young man there eint no way you’re f------ that b----!

Man f--- you santa
I don’t even want yo gifts
I don’t even want that car
I don’t even want that b----
I don’t even want that s---
Now I want Mrs. Clause
Want her saying HOE HOE HOE HOE while she’s on my POLE POLE POLE POLE
while I play games with Rudolph

Ye ye ye I’m crazy SANTA
Gave her the the d--- BANANA
Came through with the heat the JAMMERS
Buttcheeks through the sheets PAJAMAS
So what does that mean? I think it means means that I win either way. I’ll leave you cookies and milk and a note on the table and here’s what that s---- gonna

Make sure you clean up the motherfukin chimney
Make sure you turn off the lights when you done
Make sure you leave me a tip on the table
Don’t eat two cookies your fat a-- gets one!

Don’t forget to leave s--- in my stocking you know where it’s at, milk chocolate some henny, and condoms with that
Xanax weed to sell in the trap
Don’t lie Santa boi I know that you that you black
Dasher Danser Prancer, vixen
Comet, Cupid, Dundee, Blixen
Talk s--- they all go missing


To anyone who makes it this far you are a real one. 2019 is going to be a year we never forget. Thank you for believing in me as much as I believe in myself. I am going to do this music artist thing differently. Merry Christmas. – Dax

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