Anastacia – Why Lyrics

Why by Anastacia
Released : 2017

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● Anastacia – Evolution (Album 2017)
01.  Caught in the Middle
02.  Redlight
03.  Stamina
04.  Boxer
05.  My Everything
06.  Nobody Loves Me Better
07.  Reckless
08.  Not Coming Down
09.  Before
10.  Pain
11.  Why
12.  Boomerang
13.  Higher Livin’

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● “I’m Outta Love ”

YouTube video

[ Quotable ]
Said how many times
Have I tried to turn this love around?
But every time
You just let me down
Come on, be a man about it
You’ll survive

● “Left Outside Alone ”

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[ Quotable ]
Why do you playme like a game? Always someone else to blame Careless, helpless little man Someday you might understand There’s not much more to say But I hope you find a way

● “Sick And Tired ”

YouTube video

[ Quotable ]
No warning of such a sad song
Of broken hearts
My dreams of fairy tales and fantasy, oh
Were torn apart
I lost my peace of mind
Somewhere along the way
I knew there’s come a time