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Category: 3LAU

3LAU – Miss ME More Lyrics

Miss ME More by 3LAU: So many nights Sittin’ in a Sonic drive thru Tito’s and a cherry ice You used to know what I liked And I used to […]

3LAU – Down For Life Lyrics

Down For Life by 3LAU & Bright Lights Tell me are you on your way? Been waiting here all day Trying to get this weekend started, trying to catch my […]

3LAU – Better With You Lyrics

Better With You Lyrics By 3LAU Feat. Iselin Last night I was messed up, but I hope you will forget Please do me a favor, erase the things I said […]

3LAU – Would You Understand Lyrics

Would You Understand Lyrics by 3LAU (feat. Carly Paige) Baby, don’t you feel it? Feel the way our hearts won’t synchronize Tryna catch your rhythm Keep on missing, cadence won’t […]

3LAU – Touch Lyrics

Touch by 3LAU | Feat. Carly Paige No talk, seven days Dead air, empty space Is this where we are now? Would call, but I don’t You could, but you […]

3LAU – Walk Away Lyrics

Walk Away by 3LAU Released : 2017 I can see it in your eyes All the years that passed us by Just say You remember all the times All the […]