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Category: Bazanji

Shad Albarazanji (Born August 6, 1995), known professionally as Bazanji, is an American hip hop artist of Kurdish descent. The 23-year-old artist was born in England and moved to North Carolina at the age of 6.
He has been validating his path into the hip-hop scene with millions of online streams and many performances alongside noteworthy artists such as DJ Khaled. Before discovering hip-hop, Bazanji experienced a rich taste of music as a drummer in multiple rock bands. Due to his musical background he made it a priority to be in control of his work, as he handles all writing, engineering, mixing, mastering, and occasional production. Bazanji hopes to tell his story as a student artist; an uncommon occurrence in current hip-hop.

On November 18th, 2017, Bazanji independently released his long-awaited debut album titled Mixed Feelings. The 10-track album debuted at #13 on iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap chart and has accumulated over 30 million streams.

Bazanji – Fine Lyrics

Fine By Bazanji They wonder how I been I tell em I’m fine Feeling myself I’m doing it right this time Never get rest I’m staying up late all night […]

Bazanji - Down Lyrics

Bazanji – Down Lyrics

Bazanji – Down Lyrics Every time I wake up I be feeling down Waiting for a better day to come around Lately I been losing my patience Thought I knew […]

Bazanji – Free Lyrics

Free By Bazanji Let me take it back to my first time when I started doing this thing I had visions of my future self I never thought I’d see […]

Bazanji – Call Me Lyrics

Call Me By Bazanji Tell me now when you gonna call me, call me Told you that I’m sorry, I’m sorry What you want from me, from me Promise we can make it work […]

Bazanji – Burnout Lyrics

Burnout By Bazanji Lyrics Ok I’m losing focus on all that’s going on I been building up stress, yes Mind my business they still insist that I’m always owing em […]

Bazanji – 24 Freestyle Lyrics

24 Freestyle By Bazanji 24 More life Yeah New year same me I been killing these beats I been bringin’ the heat I been feelin’ more free People changin’ round […]

Bazanji – Damage Lyrics

Bazanji : Damage We just keep on winning and I know they can’t stand it We do not relate like I’m from a different planet I’ve been going crazy lately […]

Bazanji – Escape Lyrics

Escape Lyrics by Bazanji [Bazanji] Finally getting what I wanted but I’m feeling off Numbers going up but I feel like I’m falling off All the love that’s coming turning […]

Bazanji – 2019 Lyrics

2019 Lyrics by Bazanji Look Yeah, yeah, yeah I came on the scene and I did it alone I work every weekend I been in the zone Got so many […]

Bazanji – On My Own Lyrics

On My Own by Bazanji Released : 2018 I’ve been talking to the voice in my head, making me second guess Making me think I’m not good enough, making me […]

Bazanji – No Secret Lyrics

No Secret by Bazanji Released : 2018 Yeah Let me take you back to when I was starting out on the come up I was grinding ’til the sun up, […]

Bazanji – Fed Up, Pt 2 Lyrics

I’ve been keepin’ real I’ve been doin’ what I feel I’ve been out here tryna kill Every beat I know I will Everything I’m working on Every night another song […]