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Shad Albarazanji (Born August 6, 1995), known professionally as Bazanji, is an American hip hop artist of Kurdish descent. The 23-year-old artist was born in England and moved to North Carolina at the age of 6.
He has been validating his path into the hip-hop scene with millions of online streams and many performances alongside noteworthy artists such as DJ Khaled. Before discovering hip-hop, Bazanji experienced a rich taste of music as a drummer in multiple rock bands. Due to his musical background he made it a priority to be in control of his work, as he handles all writing, engineering, mixing, mastering, and occasional production. Bazanji hopes to tell his story as a student artist; an uncommon occurrence in current hip-hop.

On November 18th, 2017, Bazanji independently released his long-awaited debut album titled Mixed Feelings. The 10-track album debuted at #13 on iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap chart and has accumulated over 30 million streams.

Bazanji - BOSS Lyrics

Bazanji – BOSS Lyrics

BOSS Lyrics – Bazanji Aye, aye Know that I’m a boss Got to listen when I talk I don’t even ...

Bazanji - LEFT WRIST Lyrics

Bazanji – LEFT WRIST Lyrics

LEFT WRIST Lyrics – Bazanji Aye, yeah Left wrist got the Roley Ballin’ out like Kobe I remember when they ...

Bazanji - Brand New Lyrics

Bazanji – Brand New Lyrics

Brand New Lyrics – Bazanji I just woke up feeling brand new Ain’t a damn thing that I can’t do ...

Bazanji - Minimum Wage Lyrics

Bazanji – Minimum Wage Lyrics

Minimum Wage Lyrics – Bazanji I still remember the days When I was working for minimum wage I looked myself ...

Bazanji - 3 Peat Lyrics

Bazanji – 3 Peat Lyrics

3 Peat Lyrics – Bazanji Yeah, yeah Woah Aye, I been minding my business I ain’t worried about critics They ...

Bazanji & NEFFEX - War Lyrics

Bazanji & NEFFEX – War Lyrics

War Lyrics – Bazanji & NEFFEX Aye, aye Tell ‘em I’m coming for everything Nobody holding me back I gotta ...

Bazanji - Gorgeous Lyrics

Bazanji – Gorgeous Lyrics

Gorgeous Lyrics – Bazanji Got a brand new view it’s lookin’ gorgeous Money counter goin’ brrr it’s enormous Yeah my ...

Bazanji - Mercedes Lyrics

Bazanji – Mercedes Lyrics

Mercedes Lyrics – Bazanji Aye, aye I know a girl and I call her Mercedes The way that she always ...

Bazanji - Tourist Lyrics

Bazanji – Tourist Lyrics

Tourist Lyrics – Bazanji I ain’t been on tour but I’m a worldwide tourist I ain’t gon stop til I ...

Bazanji - Gold Lyrics

Bazanji – Gold Lyrics

Gold Lyrics – Bazanji I been tryna balance all the highs and lows I be locked in when I’m in ...

Bazanji - Always Sunny Lyrics

Bazanji – Always Sunny Lyrics

Always Sunny Lyrics – Bazanji I know what I’m worth They can’t take that from me Water under my bridge ...

Bazanji - ROD Lyrics

Bazanji – ROD Lyrics

ROD Lyrics by Bazanji Woah, woah, woah, woah You already know how I’m coming on this one Let’s get it ...

Bazanji - Stop Me Lyrics

Bazanji – Stop Me Lyrics

Stop Me Lyrics – Bazanji Aye Who gon stop me Every time I get in the ring Feel like Rocky ...

Bazanji - Focused Lyrics

Bazanji – Focused Lyrics

Focused Lyrics – Bazanji Aye, I got temptations all around me But Imma stay focused I got my people depending ...

Bazanji - Casamigos Lyrics

Bazanji – Casamigos Lyrics

Casamigos Lyrics – Bazanji Woah, woah, woah Woah, woah, woah, woah Aye I need a bottle of the Casamigos Just ...