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Category: Chris Brown Lyrics

Chris Brown – Problem with You Lyrics

Problem with You by Chris Brown: Friday, Saturday, Sunday night Only girls in the crib if they ’bout that life (Yeah) Twenty-twenty-five, is the usual And I’m a young n---- […]

Chris Brown – Flashbacks Lyrics

Flashbacks by Chris Brown: Ayy, I’m not supposed to be cryin’ over you But you the one I wanna be closer to On your line, I’m waitin’ on ya comin’ […]

Chris Brown – Nose Dive Lyrics

Nose Dive by Chris Brown: Turn the lights on if you’re afraid of the dark Pay it forward dusk ’til dawn, death do us part See the moonlight and sun […]

Chris Brown – Under the Influence Lyrics

Under the Influence by Chris Brown: F-----’ Robitussin I don’t know why this s--- got me lazy right now, yeah Can’t do Percocets or Molly I’m turnin’ one, tryna live […]

Chris Brown – Overtime

Overtime Lyrics by Chris Brown: Baby, he’s the reason for the way you feelin’ I know what you need And you can get it on sight (Yeah), yeah (Yeah) ‘Cause […]

Chris Brown – Technology Lyrics

Technology by Chris Brown If you ever wondering where I am Anchor to my own wonderland These different time zones How do I ever land by you By you? Yeah, […]

Chris Brown – Indigo

Chris Brown – Indigo (Album Lyrics)

Artist: Chris Brown Album: Indigo Release date: June 28, 2019 Genre: R&B/Soul Label: RCA Records Tracklist: 01. Indigo 02. Back to Love 03. Come Together 04. Temporary Lover 05. Emerald […]

Chris Brown – Dear God Lyrics

Dear God by Chris Brown The starship is falling No communication, no one’s calling Only if I’d known this knowledge I’d spread my wings and fly right over you She […]

Chris Brown – Early 2K Lyrics

Early 2K by Chris Brown (Feat. Tank) [Chris Brown] Beep, beep, beep, beep with a east side thing Chillin’ on the west side Hella thick, thick, hit me with the […]