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Christopher Maurice Brown is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor. According to Billboard, Brown is one of the most successful R&B singers of his generation, having often been referred to by many contemporaries as the “King of R&B”.

Chris Brown – No Time Like Christmas Lyrics

No Time Like Christmas Lyrics – Chris Brown Merry Christmas Wrappin’ all my love in a box, mm (Yeah) Your name’s written at the top How I want to feel

Chris Brown – It’s Giving Christmas Lyrics

It’s Giving Christmas Lyrics – Chris Brown Countin’ down the days ‘Til we’re smilin’ faces for the season now Somebody gon’ feel it Whether you’re young or old we got

Chris Brown – Hit My Line Lyrics

Hit My Line Lyrics – ​​​Chris Brown Hi, hit my line Hi, hit my line, line Hi, hit my line Hi, hit my line, line I heard you got a

Chris Brown – Inner Peace Lyrics

Inner Peace Lyrics – ​​​Chris Brown (Bongo, turn it up) Sweet dreams, yeah I was gettin’ head, bae I’m comin’ bad to you, baby (Bongo by the way) Come get

Chris Brown – Talm’ Bout Lyrics

Talm’ Bout Lyrics – ​​​Chris Brown Look at these bitches on me Fuck is you talkin’ ’bout? Bitches all been my homies Tryna get all the clout She just want

Chris Brown – Hate Me Tomorrow Lyrics

Hate Me Tomorrow Lyrics – ​​​Chris Brown Now I know I’m not supposed to call You told me that a thousand times (I know, know, know, know) Yeah But this

Chris Brown – Hate Being Human Lyrics

Hate Being Human Lyrics – ​​​Chris Brown I hate, I hate Oh, I hate being human I hate, I hate Say that I will never tell a lie to my

Chris Brown – Nobody Has To Know Lyrics

Nobody Has To Know Lyrics – ​​​Chris Brown The way that I’m feelin’ for you, they don’t haffi know (Baddest) You’re mine when you get in this room, but you

Chris Brown – Special Delivery Lyrics

Special Delivery Lyrics – ​​​Chris Brown You special Don’t know if I believe in love at first sight But I believe in makin’ love ’til the sunrise I can’t believe

Chris Brown – In The City Lyrics

In The City Lyrics – ​​​Chris Brown If it was any more clearer than it is right now, prolly be see-through Wouldn’t be lethal, we would still be cool, hand

Chris Brown – Petty Lyrics

Petty Lyrics – Chris Brown I’m sorry for all the shit that I did I was super creepin’ and all your girls should’ve known (Should’ve known) Now I’m havin’ flashbacks

Chris Brown – Till The Wheels Fall Off Lyrics

Till The Wheels Fall Off Lyrics – Chris Brown Summertime but it feels cold Sun’s out, it ain’t shinin’ low I’m just tryna make it through the day Ain’t thinkin’

Chris Brown – C.A.B. (Catch A Body) Lyrics

C.A.B. (Catch A Body) Lyrics – Chris Brown [Fivio Foreign] Yeah, huh She know the demon comin’ to party, right? Haha Yeah Oh [Chris Brown] Mami, you sad, she wanna

Chris Brown – Pitch Black Lyrics

Pitch Black Lyrics – Chris Brown [Anderson .Paak] Fell in love with the lights on Ice on with the lights off Alligator with the python Fell in love in the

Chris Brown – Possessive Lyrics

Possessive Lyrics – Chris Brown [BLEU] When you love someone You can feel it in your bones Try to do what he ever did Set the tone I remember we

Chris Brown – Addicted Lyrics

Addicted Lyrics – Chris Brown [Lil Baby] You pretty with it Got a few problems but it’s alright ’cause she been dealin’ with ’em Sometimes she come and stay overnight,

Chris Brown – Closure Lyrics

Closure Lyrics – Chris Brown Ah-ah-ah Ah-ah-ah [Chris Brown] Watchin’, know you watchin’ See, I might be all alone That’s the thing you said before you sayin’ it was destined

Chris Brown – Need You Right Here Lyrics

Need You Right Here Lyrics – Chris Brown Hmm, mm Oh, oh-woah [Chris Brown] Need you right here, you know what I like Girl, let’s take it there, oh-woah Do

Chris Brown – Sex Memories Lyrics

Sex Memories Lyrics – Chris Brown S-S-Sex memories S-S-Sex memories S-S-Sex memories (Sex memories) [Chris Brown] Yeah, woke up to a text from you that said, “Are you sleepin’?” Knowin’

Chris Brown – Hmhmm Lyrics

Hmhmm Lyrics – Chris Brown [Chris Brown] Can I get a taste? (Yeah) Hmm-mm, taste, hmm-mm, uh Can I get a taste? Hmm-mm, taste (Ooh), hmm-mm (Yeah, bitch) Shawty, what’s