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Category: Chris Brown Lyrics

AGNEZ MO – Overdose Lyrics

Overdose by AGNEZ MO (Feat. Chris Brown) [Chris Brown & Agnez Mo:] You know why I’m going crazy? Because of you, only you, right Hypnotized, you got me mesmerized with […]

Chris Brown – Compadre Lyrics

Compadre by Chris Brown (Feat. Kap G) Full Lyrics will be available soon. check Back later or you can send us the lyrics using form below.

Chris Brown – Yoppa Lyrics

Yoppa by Chris Brown Released : 2017 Flexin’ on you, I’m your father (ayy) Choppa spittin’ lugees like a motherfuckin’ Llama (ayy) Got the big racks on me, b----, I’m […]

Chris Brown – Emotions Lyrics

Emotions by Chris Brown Released : 2017 Girl, we left here, left out, drank a lot of liquor (yeah) Then we made up, we made out, talked about our feelings […]

Chris Brown – Hangover Lyrics

Hangover by Chris Brown Released : 2017 I remember back in high school Always been that n----, been the n---- with the nice moves, yeah, yeah, yeah Never hung with […]

Chris Brown – Reddi Wip Lyrics

Reddi Wip by Chris Brown Released : 2017 Baby, you gotta be tripping, put that booty away You know I be sipping, got a bottle on the way I stay […]

Chris Brown – Yellow Tape Lyrics

Yellow Tape by Chris Brown Released : 2017 Wait a sec, wait a minute Don’t compare me to them other n----- Beretta, Smith & Wesson I’m about to go to […]

Chris Brown – This Way Lyrics

This Way by Chris Brown Released : 2017 You know I been, out here, doing better Like I said I would Every night I lay with 2 or 3 Got […]

Chris Brown – Run Away Lyrics

Run Away by Chris Brown Released : 2017 Oh, what a day Them boys they wild, they run with the case But them boys are blue they won’t get the […]

Chris Brown – Bite My Tongue Lyrics

Bite My Tongue by Chris Brown Released : 2017 So let me think about it, um, ’bout it, ’bout it [Pre-Chorus] Ooh, ooh, I’m thinking how to say Ooh, ooh, […]

Chris Brown – If You’re Down Lyrics

If You’re Down by Chris Brown Released : 2017 Way too complicated Oh, we don’t need that no, no Wasting time, frustrated Oh, we don’t need that, no You know […]

Chris Brown – Enemy Lyrics

Enemy by Chris Brown Released : 2017 They say pain is growth, I hear you I just wanna make it stop, all this hurt, f--- Waking up to my high, […]

Chris Brown – Frustrated Lyrics

Frustrated by Chris Brown Released : 2017 Girl, I get right on top of you, yeah Girl, you climb right on top of me, yeah I’m positive we get this […]