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Category: Chris Brown Lyrics

Chris Brown – Undrunk Lyrics

Undrunk By Chris Brown E-Feezy $hort, $hort (A1, this beat slaps) [Chorus: Chris Brown] I’m too lit, she fucked up We wish that we could get undrunk (Ayy) She too […]

Chris Brown – No Such Thing Lyrics

No Such Thing By Chris Brown [HoodyBaby] Fat fly nigga, real drink sipper Hundred thou’ in Vegas with a hundred bad bitches Stars in the Wraith, you can see the […]

Chris Brown – Upside Down Lyrics

Upside Down By Chris Brown I’m gon’ cry for what’s not mine no more Hey, yeah, yeah I fear too fly, girl, so I don’t try no more Whoa-whoa-whoa I […]