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Category: Chris Lane

Chris Lane

Chris Lane – Without You Lyrics

Without You by Chris Lane Every record’s two sides Lefts got right, downs got high Truths got lies And I got you, yeah Every monday’s got Tuesdays Gas got breaks, […]

Chris Lane

Chris Lane – Old Flame Lyrics

Old Flame by Chris Lane Look at us waking up in last night’s clothes Smelling like last night’s smoke Laughing at last night’s jokes Man, last night was dope Went […]

Chris Lane

Chris Lane – Number One Lyrics

Number One by Chris Lane You’re the number one regret on my list Number one bad taste on my lips Of all my favorite things I wish I hadn’t done […]

Chris Lane

Chris Lane – Life Goes On Lyrics

Life Goes On by Chris Lane Lyrics will be available soon. Chris Lane – Laps Around the Sun (Album 2018) 01.  Take Back Home Girl 02.  Fishin’ 03.  Drunk People […]