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Category: DaBaby

DaBaby – THERE HE GO Lyrics

THERE HE GO by DaBaby: THERE HE GO Lyrics: Huh? (We got London on da Track), okay Look (I’m in London got my beat from London) You know I ain’t never had s--- […]

DaBaby – RAW SHIT Lyrics

RAW S--- by DaBaby: RAW S--- Lyrics: They said they want some of that raw s--- (Raw) Turn it up, I’ma sit in the car, b---- (Turn me up, Tahj Money) If you […]

DaBaby – PROLLY HEARD Lyrics

PROLLY HEARD by DaBaby: PROLLY HEARD Lyrics: Prolly heard I was broke from a broke n---- (Uh) Prolly heard I’m a ho from a ho I don’t know what you know I ain’t […]

DaBaby – REALLY Lyrics

REALLY by DaBaby: REALLY Lyrics: They wanna know if he can rap, I tell ’em, “Really” Tell my b------, “Call me Meek” ’cause I done finally got a milli’ (Let’s go) You know how […]

DaBaby – TOES Lyrics

TOES by DaBaby: TOES Lyrics: My heart so cold I think I’m done with ice (Uh, brr) Said if I leave her, she gon’ die Well, b----, you done with life (Okay) Better not […]

DaBaby – iPHONE Lyrics

iPHONE by DaBaby: iPHONE Lyrics: It’s so on point, like it’s so musically correct, I don’t wanna clash Like I’m tryna just put like (DaBaby) That’s what I’m sayin’ (The Barbie) SethInTheKitchen Turn […]

DaBaby – GOSPEL Lyrics

GOSPEL by DaBaby: GOSPEL Lyrics: Yeah, it’s like, it’s like some of that ghetto gospel s--- Yeah, yeah (Oh Lord, Jetson made another one) This s--- right here sound like some gospel I lost […]

DaBaby – POP STAR Lyrics

POP STAR by DaBaby: POP STAR Lyrics: (Pop star) They gon’ tell you I went They gon’ tell you I went They gon’ tell you I went Pop star (Pop star) What they […]

DaBaby – VIBEZ Lyrics

VIBEZ by DaBaby: Let’s go (Yeah, yeah, Neeko, you made that motherfuckin’ beat? Ah, nah) You know it’s Baby, n----, hahaha Hah (Oh Lord, Jetson made another one), ha She wanna f--- with me, […]

DaBaby – OFF THE RIP Lyrics

OFF THE RIP by DaBaby: OFF THE RIP Lyrics: Straight off the rip, you know I don’t wait for the drop (Off the rip) I go out to eat with my kids and […]

DaBaby – BOP Lyrics

BOP by DaBaby You know everybody been waiting on that Baby, man I mean, it’s like ever since Baby on Baby dropped, man, like, you know (Ever since Baby on Baby dropped) Ain’t nobody […]

DaBaby – INTRO Lyrics

INTRO by DaBaby: Thinkin’ ’bout my grandmama and s--- I got the number one record, they acknowledged the jit (Ayy, yo, Kid) They goin’ crazy when they play it, head […]

DaBaby – Baby on Baby (Album Lyrics)

Artist: DaBaby Release date: March 1, 2019 Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap Label: South Coast Music Group/Interscope Records Baby on Baby Tracklist 01. Taking It Out 02. Suge 03. Goin Baby 04. Pony […]

DaBaby – Walker Texas Ranger Lyrics

Walker Texas Ranger Lyrics by DaBaby Uh F--- you talkin’ ’bout, n---- Yeah, uh (That ain’t DaBaby, that’s my baby) Ayy, who you? B----, it’s DaBaby, what you heard about […]

DaBaby – Backend Lyrics

Backend Lyrics by DaBaby (Oh Lord, Jetson made another one) Comin’ with the money, got the backend with me (Ayy) N----, better act like you hear me I ain’t gotta […]

DaBaby – Tupac Lyrics

Tupac Lyrics by DaBaby (Yung Lan on the track) Yeah, I know how it go (Yeah) You put in your work, you deserve it (Huh?) You realize it was all […]