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Category: DaBaby

DaBaby - TLC Lyrics

DaBaby – TLC Lyrics

DaBaby – TLC (feat. Gunna) Lyrics (Wait a minute, who are you? Ayy, yo, K.i.D) And I know that I’m the best out Make a bitch burn my house down […]

DaBaby - GO FIRST Lyrics

DaBaby – GO FIRST Lyrics

DaBaby – GO FIRST (feat. Rich Dunk, Stunna 4 Vegas) Lyrics Hit it Go Look, ayy, fuck it, I go first It ain’t even hot and I’m still rockin’ no […]

DaBaby - BLIND Lyrics

DaBaby – BLIND Lyrics

BLIND Lyrics By DaBaby Yeah, yeah, yeah I’ve been blind for a while now I just got the key, they let me in, no ID Doors openin’ up for me […]

DaBaby - PEEPHOLE Lyrics

DaBaby – PEEPHOLE Lyrics

PEEPHOLE By DaBaby Cook that shit up, Quay Call before you knock Every time I turn around I had a player outside the door Call ‘fore you knock, baby, call […]

DaBaby - NO DRIBBLE Lyrics

DaBaby – NO DRIBBLE Lyrics

NO DRIBBLE By DaBaby I’ma shoot at a nigga no dribble I pull up with 200 bow’s in my rental They was already sold when I sent em’ Take a […]

DaBaby - Rockstar (BLM Remix) Lyrics

DaBaby – Rockstar (BLM Remix) Lyrics

Rockstar (BLM Remix) Lyrics ‘Black Lives Matter’ Remix of ‘Rockstar’ With Roddy Ricch Even if I told you, still wouldn’t understand what happenedRather be myself, if people look at me, […]

DaBaby – CAN’T STOP Lyrics

CAN’T STOP By DaBaby Everything Foreign, haha Yeah Bitch, it ain’t no stoppin’ no nigga like me Bitch, it ain’t no stoppin’ no nigga like me, let’s go (New album, […]

DaBaby – PICK UP Lyrics

PICK UP By DaBaby Let’s go Wait a minute, who are you? (Ayy, yo, K.I.D) Pick up, pick up, pick up Better watch his lil’ bitch ’cause I’m up off […]


LIGHTSKIN SHIT By DaBaby Ah, ah, aha Yeah (Oh Lord, Jetson made another one) My bitch like a model Word to genie, she shaped like a bottle Fuck a IG, […]

DaBaby – TALK ABOUT IT Lyrics

TALK ABOUT IT By DaBaby Baby (Wheezy outta here) Let’s go My uncles taught a nigga how to hustle My mama taught me how to use a rubber I was […]

DaBaby – SAD SHIT Lyrics

SAD SHIT By DaBaby Let me do some sad shit for the real niggas Yeah, I know my old bitch miss me Probably scrollin’ down my timeline now (I know) […]

DaBaby – JUMP Lyrics

JUMP By DaBaby (Cha-ching) Okay, let’s go, nigga (Rocco did it again) Wait a minute, who are you? (Ayy, yo, K.I.d.) I make it jump like, like crack in the […]

DaBaby – CHAMPION Lyrics

CHAMPION By DaBaby Yeah, yeah Wait a minute, who are you? (Ayy, yo, K.I.D.) Let’s go (Woo) Yeah, I took the cash route I put in more time, more grind, […]