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Category: DaBaby

DaBaby - Beatbox Lyrics

DaBaby – Beatbox Lyrics

Beatbox Lyrics – DaBaby Best motherfuckin’ rapper, nigga This Baby, nigga, let’s go Ready to get it started, nigga (Go) Whenever you want it I was the man with the […]

DaBaby - Masterpiece Lyrics

DaBaby – Masterpiece Lyrics

Masterpiece Lyrics – DaBaby Stop Notice how I looked you in ya eye (Let’s go) Next time a nigga getting shot If you really love me, fuck me like a […]

DaBaby - Brother’s Keeper Lyrics

DaBaby – Brother’s Keeper Lyrics

Brother’s Keeper Lyrics – DaBaby I’m my brothers keeper And it been like that forever We can’t help the shit we seen We had to live through that together All […]

DaBaby - 8 Figures Lyrics

DaBaby – 8 Figures Lyrics

8 Figures Lyrics – DaBaby Aye man, fuck all dat shit, man, it is what it is, man From now on I look my demons in the face, nigga, the […]

DaBaby - Shanyah Lyrics

DaBaby – Shanyah Lyrics

Shanyah Lyrics – DaBaby And this whole motherfuckin’ shit is for my big brother man This for my motherfuckin’ family man, this for them You know, them (Kid) Yeah, them […]

DaBaby - Gucci Peacoat Lyrics

DaBaby – Gucci Peacoat Lyrics

Gucci Peacoat Lyrics – DaBaby Lately, I’ve been in my feelings like a hoe I ain’t been really having hope ‘Cause I’ve been missing my bro I was at the […]

DaBaby - Handgun Lyrics

DaBaby – Handgun Lyrics

Handgun Lyrics – DaBaby Yeah The lil bad boy did it Been a long time since I had no feelings (Yeah) Trying not to smash on niggas In and out […]

DaBaby - Bidness Lyrics

DaBaby – Bidness Lyrics

Bidness Lyrics – DaBaby Backwoods stuffed with a 3-5 When I creep by, I’m prolly throwin’ peace signs out the window I’m busy, I ain’t got time for pretendin’ Yeah, […]



DaBaby – BILLBOARD BABY Lyrics I, I said I didn’t I said I really ain’t wanna do the deluxe thing, man, but you know I’m ready to put out some, […]

DaBaby - PRACTICE Lyrics

DaBaby – PRACTICE Lyrics

DaBaby – PRACTICE Lyrics Okay Boom, boom, boom (Firzt on the track) Boom, boom, boom I be feelin’ like I don’t be poppin’ enough, I be humble I’ma keep showin’ […]

DaBaby - GO Lyrics

DaBaby – GO Lyrics

DaBaby – GO Lyrics Yeah, I know these lil’ niggas like to talk I don’t really like to talk, let me pop my shit (Let me pop) I can’t get […]

DaBaby - TROUBLE Lyrics

DaBaby – TROUBLE Lyrics

DaBaby – TROUBLE Lyrics (I’m a real nigga) No, no, no (You know what I’m talkin’ about, like) No, no, no (I’ma play dumb, hey) Trouble (SethInTheKitchen) Yeah I don’t […]