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Category: Dounia

Dounia – Mars or Maui Lyrics

Mars or Maui By Dounia Sorry if I dub these calls Me versus me and I must resolve Finally grown so I know, I’m the only one involved And I […]

Dounia - Mint Tea Freestyle Lyrics

Dounia – Mint Tea Freestyle Lyrics

Mint Tea Freestyle By Dounia If love a game, we could both be winners I been called selfish, promise I’m a giver With this S on my chest, can’t rest, […]

Dounia – Kinda Fun Lyrics

Kinda Fun By Dounia I been in my zone , call you when I’m done ‘cause sometimes I get bored and boys are kinda fun On the tip of my […]

Dounia – GEEKED Lyrics

GEEKED By Dounia if it’s not about how you adore me, it’s prolly corny you stuck on your pride, but that s--- just not for me f--- shallow incentives, i’ll […]

Dounia – My Own Company Lyrics

My Own Company By Dounia If I want it then it’s mine, bottom line red hot, fire sign got you moving on my time, and you’re not asking why something […]

Dounia – Vanilla Freestyle Lyrics

Vanilla Freestyle By Dounia I pray the grind never make me loose love I’m okay, yeah I can see the sun again Hope the spark in my eye don’t let up Hope I wear […]