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Category: Dounia

Dounia – Kinda Fun Lyrics

Kinda Fun By Dounia I been in my zone , call you when I’m done ‘cause sometimes I get bored and boys are kinda fun On the tip of my […]

Dounia – GEEKED Lyrics

GEEKED By Dounia if it’s not about how you adore me, it’s prolly corny you stuck on your pride, but that s--- just not for me f--- shallow incentives, i’ll […]

Dounia – My Own Company Lyrics

My Own Company By Dounia If I want it then it’s mine, bottom line red hot, fire sign got you moving on my time, and you’re not asking why something […]

Dounia – Vanilla Freestyle Lyrics

Vanilla Freestyle By Dounia I pray the grind never make me loose love I’m okay, yeah I can see the sun again Hope the spark in my eye don’t let up Hope I wear […]

Dounia – DELIGHTFUL Lyrics

Dounia has release her latest single “DELIGHTFUL“ today via all digital and streaming platforms. Featured on her forthcoming album THE SCANDAL, due out July 17 DELIGHTFUL by Dounia Oh, here […]

Dounia – Trust Issues Lyrics

Trust Issues Lyrics by Dounia Dounia on the beat Dounia on the rise Dounia in her bag Plotting y’all demise Dounia boutta make a hunnid mil by 29 Dounia boutta […]

Dounia – Up 4 Air Lyrics

Up 4 Air Lyrics by Dounia Bae i know that you quite the star, expensive new lifestyle Let me make it worth your while I like drop top drives to […]

Dounia – Zero Lyrics

Zero by Lyrics by Dounia Tel me do you feel it ‘cause i know i feel it, baby come inside Angels on the ceiling Tell me why you playing when […]

Dounia – Toxic Lyrics

Toxic Lyrics by Dounia Imagine I was invested That’d prolly be interesting for you Heard a beat and I blessed it That’s nothing really too drastic to do Oh you […]

Dounia – ROYAL Lyrics

ROYAL Lyrics by Dounia [Dounia] You need a challenge, you need a Douns, oh You need a challenge, you need a challenge [Dounia] You need a challenge, you need a […]