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Category: Dounia

Hornet La Frappe - Tourner La Tête Lyrics

Hornet La Frappe – Tourner La Tête Lyrics

Tourner La Tête By Hornet La Frappe T’aimes plaire aux keufs, on sait que tu fais l’perroquet Numéro 9, j’ai mis ma plus belle paire aux pieds He, he, he… Joshy Josh J’aime […]

Dounia – SKIN DEEP Lyrics

(You ain’t see it See it comin’ You ain’t see it damn Guess you really ain’t see it comin’) You ain’t see it comin’, pull up surprise First and the […]

Dounia - UNRELIABLE Lyrics

Dounia – UNRELIABLE Lyrics

UNRELIABLE By Dounia Not a protector, provider Bitch-assness I can’t decipher Couldn’t have been any nicer Showed me how you act When you see kindness, You know my brightness defiant, […]

Dounia – Disrespectful lyrics

Disrespectful By Dounia Swimming in sun Swimming in darkness I guess it’s all part of the process Baby we all a bit misguided Baby we all a little toxic Got […]