Earl Sweatshirt & The Alchemist – Heat Check Lyrics

Heat Check Lyrics by Earl Sweatshirt & The Alchemist

Couldn’t cope with the dope fiend shit
Hoe that’s a whole needle
So I can’t promise that I won’t leave you

I put my all in then I broke even
Prophet tried to toll people
Chuckle at the known evils
I stepped over when they roll
Tell the bros I’m laying low tree
Petals of roses and broke treaties
Littered the road I was on swingin
I couldn’t hold shit with cold fingers
In other words niggas don’t feel you
Stay out my square like sicilian slice
Powers spread like Jiffy

It make perfect sense
You try to get out a bite
I snicker
I caught a whiff of side wine
They slithering in the vines
And listen his system
Like spinning vinyl
This cylindrical system alight
Vicious cycles
A mice give up when it’s dinnertime
The 6ix9ine style snitching spiteful
Mines are bigger but I’m staying tight lipped
In addition I ain’t switching sides
Also my niggas simplify shit

Do not tread on me
The living die with a smile
Getting fly watching water rising
Blood on the horizon
Blood spilling out the idol
They try and judge like Simon
I’m leaving on a note most highest

Drop the mic like Ryan
Told dawg it’s on the flow like [?]
I’m flying
Heat Check
Might hit an island if she need to get her feet-
Heat Check
Might head to my town
I need a [?]
Heat Check
Putting numbers on a board, fuckin up the defense
Heat Check
Hershey hookin out, what it’s like Kareen did
Heat Check

There’s a lil spot they have where they were throwing the ivory. 3 to be exact amongst various other y’know, equations. They’re going to let you know that as well. Um, I think it’s time for a demonstration