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Category: GlokkNine

GlokkNine – Don’t Play Lyrics

Don’t Play By GlokkNine Lyrics Don’t play with lil glokk My n----- slangin dumb k’s my lil glokk Sunday that’s tough I’m sayin it ain’t nothin to spin the block […]

GlokkNine – Timeless Lyrics

Timeless By GlokkNine Lyrics Black mask on and my robbins They don’t know who robbin these homes they some goblins We was in and out cause the alarm went to […]

GlokkNine – Bleed Like Me Lyrics

Bleed Like Me By GlokkNine Lyrics How you gon put fear in my heart B---- you bleed how I bleed n---- Squeeze how I squeeze n---- Ain’t neva gon cop […]

GlokkNine – Fire Right There Lyrics

Fire Right There By GlokkNine Lyrics Leave that fire right here I had a buccaneer Miluwakee bucks in here Feel no evil there I caught the glock another charge make […]

GlokkNine – Extortion Lyrics

Extortion By GlokkNine Lyrics Yeah shout out Tago I got Tago on the beat I’m thuggin with my heathens we get even after dark jit Its in motion when he […]

GlokkNine – Never Know Lyrics

Never Know By GlokkNine Lyrics You won’t never know, never know Who be really with you til it’s time to blow You won’t never know, never know Who be really […]

GlokkNine – Back Off Lyrics

Back Off By GlokkNine Lyrics My n---- like to mob s--- he like g nine why the lights off B---- I’m 12 o clock you know I’m midnight lights off […]

GlokkNine - No Name Lyrics

GlokkNine – No Name Lyrics

No Name By GlokkNine Lyrics A n---- come sprayin thru the front door Hunnid round on my stick that’s a drum roll Duck down n---- hit by the fumble You […]

GlokkNine – Trap Do Lyrics

Trap Do By GlokkNine Lyrics (feat. Rich the Kid) We can talk number what your trap do P’s go for 6 zips go for 2 We could be some sinners […]

GlokkNine – In My Ways Lyrics

In My Ways By GlokkNine Lyrics I’m still with the same n----- It ain’t no changin My lil shooter got some aim in him K got some range in it […]

GlokkNine – Memory Lane Lyrics

Memory Lane By GlokkNine Lyrics Black mask time to suit up You n---- glokknine for the guns and the buddah I got a daughter on the way I really don’t […]