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Category: GRACEY

GRACEY - the internet Lyrics

GRACEY – the internet Lyrics

the internet Lyrics – GRACEY I don’t think you get it I was so fucked up and I never said it Didn’t even tell the friends I had Knew that […]

GRACEY - Sad Song Lyrics

GRACEY – Sad Song Lyrics

Sad Song Lyrics – GRACEY Saw you leave with her with that look in your eyes And I know that look, seen it once or twice If they’d have served […]

GRACEY - What A Waste Lyrics

GRACEY – What A Waste Lyrics

What A Waste Lyrics – GRACEY I took the jacket I was leaving at yours My last excuse for turning up at your door, oh And I can’t go back […]

GRACEY - 99% Lyrics

GRACEY – 99% Lyrics

99% Lyrics – GRACEY Have we got love on, love on, love on our hands? Caught myself thinking, thinking ’bout you again Have I got glitter in my eyes or […]

GRACEY - Care Less Lyrics

GRACEY – Care Less Lyrics

Care Less Lyrics – GRACEY Sometimes I wish that you were a better liar Or maybe I was more gullible Or maybe you were just, I don’t know, loyal Likewise […]

GRACEY - Don’t Need Love Lyrics

GRACEY – Don’t Need Love Lyrics

Don’t Need Love Lyrics – GRACEY When I fall in love I usually take my time Hoping it gets better Swipe left, swipe right To fill all of these lonely […]

GRACEY - Don't Lyrics

GRACEY – Don’t Lyrics

Don’t Lyrics – GRACEY You don’t even want me, you’re just bored You don’t even smoke, what are you rollin’ for? Only have to ask and I’ll be at your […]

GRACEY - Like That Lyrics

GRACEY – Like That Lyrics

Like That By GRACEY Don’t want no one ’cause I’m on the right track But there’s something ’bout you got me changing my mind like that I don’t waste time […]

GRACEY - Empty Love Lyrics

GRACEY – Empty Love Lyrics

Empty Love By GRACEY Low-fi, high-res, high life, low esteem Hearts left on read, breaking silently Like me Can you stop asking me to smile, please? Bad days, good lies, […]