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Category: Hurts

Hurts - Suffer Lyrics

Hurts – Suffer Lyrics

Suffer By Hurts Show me your sexy little intellect And I’ll show you how to make your head and body disconnect My darkest feelings start to coalesce And I feel […]

Hurts - Fractured Lyrics

Hurts – Fractured Lyrics

Fracturede By Hurts I’m a I’m a typical hypocritical, egotistical-minded individual I’m a silent fuse, I’m a tightening screw And I might be everything that is wrong for you Because […]

Hurts - Slave To Your Love Lyrics

Hurts – Slave To Your Love Lyrics

Slave To Your Love By Hurts You say you want to compromise But talking ain’t no good You say that all you need is time But talking ain’t no good […]

Hurts - Liar Lyrics

Hurts – Liar Lyrics

Liar By Hurts Step into the light And show me your eyes Come out of the darkness There’s nowhere to hide Aren’t you ashamed of what you did? Aren’t you […]

Hurts - Numb Lyrics

Hurts – Numb Lyrics

Numb By Hurts I breathe I breathe again My mind Is set to stun again And make you dull again Not all of my scars are visible Not all of […]