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Category: Jay Park

Jay Park - How We Rock Lyrics

Jay Park – How We Rock Lyrics

How We Rock By Jay Park This is how we rock, yeah H1GHR never stops, yeah Busy stacking guap, yeah We forever hot 내가 망해? 그건 착각 잡지 표지 찰칵 […]

Jay Park – Call You Bae Lyrics

Call You Bae By Jay Park I see you sippin’ on your lemonade Prolly feelin’ underpaid Damn you lookin’ fine today I really wanna call you bae (Call you bae, call you bae, […]

Jay Park – Fade Away Lyrics

Fade Away By Jay Park I be in the field, I’m makin’ plays yeah With my team, I’m ballin’ like I’m MJ Bossin’ boy, I’m grindin’ on my vacay (On my vacay) Make this […]

Jay Park – 20/20 Lyrics

20/20 By Jay Park Hit-Boy It’s lonely on top of the throne I am a king not a pawn Hop on a jet cross the globe I guess the road […]

Jay Park – K-TOWN Lyrics

K-TOWN Lyrics by Jay Park G. Ry got me Hit-Boy on the beat so, bitch, you gotta go berserk Pullin’ up in K-Town, yeah, I’m feelin’ like the President You […]

Jay Park – Dank Lyrics

Dank by Jay Park Album: 박재범 Jay Park [V] Released : 2018 It’s you and I you And I you and I Let’s get lifted And meet in the sky […]