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Category: Jay Park

Jay Park – Fade Away Lyrics

Fade Away By Jay Park I be in the field, I’m makin’ plays yeah With my team, I’m ballin’ like I’m MJ Bossin’ boy, I’m grindin’ on my vacay (On my vacay) Make this […]

Jay Park – 20/20 Lyrics

20/20 By Jay Park Hit-Boy It’s lonely on top of the throne I am a king not a pawn Hop on a jet cross the globe I guess the road […]

Jay Park – K-TOWN Lyrics

K-TOWN Lyrics by Jay Park G. Ry got me Hit-Boy on the beat so, bitch, you gotta go berserk Pullin’ up in K-Town, yeah, I’m feelin’ like the President You […]

Jay Park – Dank Lyrics

Dank by Jay Park Album: 박재범 Jay Park [V] Released : 2018 It’s you and I you And I you and I Let’s get lifted And meet in the sky […]

Jay Park – V Lyrics

V by Jay Park Album: 박재범 Jay Park [V] Released : 2018 V 포즈 취할 땐 그녀는 항상 V Baby 알고 싶어 너의 여권이 어떤 색깔 인지 넌 어디서 왔니 […]

Jay Park – FSU Lyrics

FSU by Jay Park (feat. GASHI & Rich The Kid) [Jay Park:] Yeah look at the flick Look it Look at the flick Look it Groovy Everywhere Look at they […]