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Category: Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware – Adore You Lyrics

I’ve never been so sure Wait, if you want to, you can tell everybody Tell everybody There ain’t no second best Stay ’cause I want you We can tell everybody, […]

Jessie Ware – Love To Love Lyrics

Love To Love by Jessie Ware Released : 2017 Now or never, make it better I’ll say whatever, ’cause I only want to be with you tonight Want to hold […]

Jessie Ware – Til the End Lyrics

Til the End by Jessie Ware Released : 2017 Don’t tell me I’ve been dreaming When you’re standing there in front of me It’s just the simple things, you see […]

Jessie Ware – Sam Lyrics

Sam by Jessie Ware Released : 2017 (One, two, three, four…) Sat inside a railway station Drinking a cup of coffee on my own Listening to the strangest conversation About […]

Jessie Ware – Hearts Lyrics

Hearts by Jessie Ware Released : 2017 Put on a brave face, act like an earthquake didn’t come Right in and tear it up and everything we’ve built inside this […]

Jessie Ware – First Time Lyrics

First Time by Jessie Ware Released : 2017 How could we be so close but miles apart? ‘Cause something tells me that’s not who we are Baby, nobody else could […]

Jessie Ware – Alone Lyrics

Alon by Jessie Ware Released : 2017 Oh oh oh oooh, oh oh oh oooh Take the weight off my shoulders See, I won’t make the same mistakes when we’re […]

Jessie Ware – Midnight Lyrics

Midnight by Jessie Ware Released : 2017 Full Lyrics will be available soon. check back later or you can send us the lyrics using form below. New Music [July 19, […]