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Category: Joakim Lundell

Joakim Lundell – Monster Lyrics

Monster by Joakim Lundell You can try (oh oh oh) But it will never be enough I know that you’re not good enough I swear I know you f----- it […]

Joakim Lundell – Grow Lyrics

Grow by Joakim Lundell (feat. Tom Noah) Can you focus on me baby Think I need you right now Never wanted you to see me like this You’re the only […]

Joakim Lundell – All I need Lyrics

All I need by Joakim Lundell (feat. Arrhult) Under water I feel like I’m under water Cause I can’t get to you Moving closer, but can’t seem to find my […]

Joakim Lundell – My Addiction Lyrics

My Addiction by Joakim Lundell (feat. Arrhult) (I’m dreaming My addiction can’t stop me from dreaming I’m healing) Why would I know? You know that I can’t let go I […]

Joakim Lundell – Only Human Lyrics

Only Human by Joakim Lundell (feat. Sophie Elise) Tired Oh, sometimes I get tired on myself And I feel like things won’t be alright Lonely Oh, sometimes I get lonely […]