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Category: Kensington

Kensington – Perfect Family Day Lyrics

Perfect Family Day By Kensington Focus on the rain Dripping through every hole Every night’s the same God has left this place Left us on his way out Risen questions stay And it hopelessly […]

Kensington – Ten Times The Weight Lyrics

Ten Times The Weight By Kensington Force me to love myself Ten times the weight Like a widow weighing down her faith Force me to find myself Ten times the haze On the other […]

Kensington – Island Lyrics

Island By Kensington I don’t want to blame I just want to leave this horrid place the way I came But here we are again I don’t want to wait For another wave to […]

Kensington – Part Of Me Lyrics

Part Of Me By Kensington It is a part of me And it breaks my heart to see I was a part of you When no one else could be It is a part […]

Kensington – Insane Lyrics

Insane By Kensington A seat on the stand As you’re causing a row There to proof again that I am Just there in both the wrong time and the wrong place I plead innocent […]