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Category: Kevin Gates

Album: By Any Means 2 (2017)

01. No Love
02. McGyver
03. Had To
04. Fuckin Right
05. Beautiful Scars
06. Attention
07. GOMD
08. Do U Down
09. What If
10. Came Up
11. Imagine That
12. No Trust
13. Jus Wanna
14. Why I

Kevin Gates – Fly Again Lyrics

Fly Again by Kevin Gates: Fly Again Lyrics: Back against the wall, what do you hold onto? (Yung Lan on the track) I know it’s something that we all go through Just aim […]

Kevin Gates – Betta for You Lyrics

Betta for You by Kevin Gates: Betta for You Lyrics: Say, Islah Trenchwerk You know I love you so much, and XL Eagle made it My baby, and I just I want […]

Kevin Gates – Funny How Lyrics

Funny How by Kevin Gates: Funny How Lyrics: Yung Lan on the track It’s how these hoes do, bro When s--- don’t go, man They gon’ jump whatever d--- jumpin’ at the time, […]

Kevin Gates – What I Like Lyrics

What I Like by Kevin Gates: What I Like Lyrics: F-----’ with hoes, that’s what I like (I like) Designer my clothes, that’s what I like (I like) Wrist on froze, that’s what I […]

Kevin Gates – Pretend Lyrics

Pretend by Kevin Gates: Pretend Lyrics: What’s the demonstration, beloved? You well now? Yes, ma’am, all’s well (Go Grizz) Yes, ma’am, all’s well (Winners Circle) D--- so good, make a b---- start stalking […]

Kevin Gates – Have You Ever Lyrics

Have You Ever by Kevin Gates: Have You Ever Lyrics: This for all the n----- that come up out the real slums, you know? You was wearin’ your uniform maybe three weeks in […]

Kevin Gates – Face Down Lyrics

Face Down by Kevin Gates: Face Down Lyrics: Damn, Chose, beat this …. up She always tell me that she mad, then I touch her soul She always tell me that we done […]

Kevin Gates – Let It Go Lyrics

Let It Go by Kevin Gates: Let It Go Lyrics: Got your hair and nails fixed, you legit with it I see that you done got cocky, throw a fit with it I […]

Kevin Gates – Walls Talking Lyrics

Walls Talking by Kevin Gates: Walls Talking Lyrics: Say mane Sometimes it’s painful to relive the past But sometimes you gotta relive the past in order to heal from it I just told […]

Kevin Gates – Say It Twice Lyrics

Say It Twice by Kevin Gates: Say It Twice Lyrics: Ain’t gotta say it twice She gon’ make me say it twice Ain’t gotta say it twice (I don’t say it twice) She […]

Kevin Gates – Fatal Attraction Lyrics

Fatal Attraction by Kevin Gates: Fatal Attraction Lyrics: It ain’t a day that go by that I don’t think about you Don’t play around with love, under the love spell Don’t play around […]

Kevin Gates – Bags Lyrics

Bags by Kevin Gates: Bags Lyrics: B------ out here tryna come up on a n----, you heard me? You not ’bout to ball off me so you can go and press another n----, you […]

Kevin Gates – By My Lonely Lyrics

By My Lonely by Kevin Gates Lyrics Killers in my hood, they know me by my first name You know ’em by their work name, I know ’em by their birth name Type […]

Kevin Gates – Icebox Lyrics

Icebox by Kevin Gates: Icebox Lyrics: S--- Yeah, I’m feelin’ like that I’m in New York right now, you heard? I’m a different kinda animal when I’m up here I’m a silverback D-D-Daytrip […]

Kevin Gates – RBS Intro Lyrics

RBS Intro by Kevin Gates: RBS Intro Lyrics: All my life, it been like this CashMoneyAP Always My daddy did this s--- I can’t see no other way His daddy did this s--- […]

Kevin Gates – No More Lyrics

No More by Kevin Gates Don’t give up, no matter how rough, just don’t give up (yea) I’m living like that, I ain’t lost my touch Wanna be around you […]