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Category: Kevin Gates

Album: By Any Means 2 (2017)

01. No Love
02. McGyver
03. Had To
04. Fuckin Right
05. Beautiful Scars
06. Attention
07. GOMD
08. Do U Down
09. What If
10. Came Up
11. Imagine That
12. No Trust
13. Jus Wanna
14. Why I

Kevin Gates – Double Dutch Lyrics

Double Dutch By Kevin Gates Yo Pi’erre you wanna come out here? Who  you talking up? Ay,  please leave me alone I’m on the Breadwinner swim team I dived into you s--- Every  […]

Kevin Gates – Facts Lyrics

Facts by Kevin Gates You recording? Yes Lord Daytrip took it to 10 When I’m in the kitchen no water whippin’, yeah, yeah I used to trap, I do a […]

Kevin Gates – Neva Land Lyrics

Neva Land Lyrics by Kevin Gates Yeah [?] I really got a spaceship in my crib I could get you so high you’ll never wanna land I could get you […]

Kevin Gates – Sober State Of Mind Lyrics

Sober State Of Mind by Kevin Gates Structure, pick up pieces to the puzzle And I don’t have a problem following the right instruction Sober state of mind, everybody ’round […]

Kevin Gates – Push It Lyrics

Push It Lyrics by Kevin Gates My biggest problem in life was over coming myself, but once i defeated myself the only thing left was peace N----- be talking like […]

Kevin Gates – World Luv Lyrics

World Luv by Kevin Gates (Yung Lan on the track) I’m with you, n----, hold your heads, you heard me? I kow what you goin’ through You know (Hey, I’m […]

Kevin Gates – Rich Off Lyrics

Rich Off by Kevin Gates With the s---, I took the day off (You a big dawg) Just to spend some of this money, I’m a big dawg (D.A. got […]

Kevin Gates – Luv Bug Lyrics

Luv Bug by Kevin Gates Yung Lan on the track What up, lovebug? You my little lovebug, you hear me? You know I love when you be gettin’ mad at […]

Kevin Gates – Yukatan Lyrics

Yukatan by Kevin Gates I’m in the Yucatan What up love Say look B---- doin’ everything it s’posed to do but Them baby’s, they ’bout to vomit They say this […]

Kevin Gates - Big Gangsta Lyrics

Kevin Gates – Big Gangsta Lyrics

Big Gangsta Lyrics by Kevin Gates [Kevin Gates] Soda on it see what it do Yeah, all night, all night A hunnid of ’em just sold it all (Take it […]