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Category: Kevin Gates

Album: By Any Means 2 (2017)

01. No Love
02. McGyver
03. Had To
04. Fuckin Right
05. Beautiful Scars
06. Attention
07. GOMD
08. Do U Down
09. What If
10. Came Up
11. Imagine That
12. No Trust
13. Jus Wanna
14. Why I

Kevin Gates – Still Hold Up Lyrics

Still Hold Up By Kevin Gates Yeah I’m built Ford tough (Carmelo) No, this how I used to be feelin’ Killer, you heard me (James put the check, boy) Yeah […]

Kevin Gates – Wetty (Freestyle) Lyrics

Wetty (Freestyle) By Kevin Gates AXL (AXL, AXL) Yeah Khaza Erraticism for the first time when I drove you back outta Texas (Texas, woah) Different feeling in the front room […]

Kevin Gates – Dreka Lyrics

Dreka By Kevin Gates Alhamdulillah (Yeah) Kingdom of Morocco Alhamdulillah My spirit know the truth, you heard me? Al-hamdu lillahi rabbil ‘alamin Trauma Tone Drek, sit down, we need to […]

Kevin Gates – Fly Again Lyrics

Fly Again by Kevin Gates: Fly Again Lyrics: Back against the wall, what do you hold onto? (Yung Lan on the track) I know it’s something that we all go through Just aim […]