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Category: Lola Young

Lola Young – Same Bed Lyrics

Same Bed By Lola Young Forget all the feelings, no I don’t wanna feel them no more I don’t have a place for them anyway I like seeing the bed […]

Lola Young – None For You Lyrics

None For You By Lola Young You really did me wrong, babe You really did me dirty And I knew all along, babe That you were gonna hurt me Isn’t […]

Lola Young – Blind Love Lyrics

Blind Love By Lola Young I came round the back road, didn’t have no make-up on You said you loved me, I said darling don’t be dumb I didn’t know […]

Lola Young – 6 Feet Under Lyrics

6 Feet Under By Lola Young Lyrics I think about death sometimes, I think about dying next to you I think about my ex sometimes, I think about the things […]