Maggie Rose

Maggie Rose – What Are We Fighting For Lyrics

What Are We Fighting For Lyrics – Maggie Rose What are we fighting for Don’t even know anymore Baby, aren’t you worried We’re caught in the fury What are we

Maggie Rose – Do It Lyrics

Do It Lyrics – Maggie Rose I got this feeling got me reeling Going out of my mind Like I’m losing time There’s no good reason To keep me from

Maggie Rose – For Your Consideration Lyrics

For Your Consideration Lyrics – Maggie Rose Oh, why you act like you’ve never made a mistake Serve up advice that you’d never be able to take You’re making a

Maggie Rose – Saint Lyrics

Saint Lyrics – Maggie Rose I’ve got a cloud over my head when I wake up I bet I seem perfect on paper Couldn’t be further away Feels like there’s

Maggie Rose – Are We There Yet Lyrics

Are We There Yet Lyrics – Maggie Rose Is it like love do you know when you know Is it like a child change your world when you bring her

Maggie Rose – Best In Me Lyrics

Best In Me Lyrics – Maggie Rose In times of trouble In times of bliss Under the moonlight In the morning mist I could go blind, but I still see

Maggie Rose – What Makes You Tick Lyrics

What Makes You Tick Lyrics – Maggie Rose What’s the clock on the wall say Do you know what time it is Is your heart in the right place Can

Maggie Rose – Help Myself Lyrics

Help Myself Lyrics – Maggie Rose I diagnose myself with the internet Minor aches and pains, death is imminent I think this twitch in my eye might be permanent You

Maggie Rose – Now And Then Lyrics

Now And Then Lyrics – Maggie Rose Sweet child, if I had a time machine I would tell you everything You’re living in a world so mean Dear girl, let

Maggie Rose – Telephone Lyrics

Telephone Lyrics – Maggie Rose Do you know (Do you know) what you think you know? Maybe you don’t who told you so Aren’t we all just playing telephone Where’d

Maggie Rose – You Got Today Lyrics

You Got Today Lyrics – Maggie Rose Don’t give me no lip, don’t give me no jive Don’t wanna get hit well, baby, don’t shake the hive All the lies