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Category: mxmtoon

​mxmtoon – 1, 2 Lyrics

1, 2 By ​mxmtoon i’m getting tired always going to my head everything i don’t say is everything that i regret why’s growing older filled with all these growing pains […]

​mxmtoon – ​no faker Lyrics

no faker By ​mxmtoon i’m alright just being me like ticking clocks these people talk about who i’m supposed to be i’m still here and incomplete and it takes all […]

​mxmtoon – ​almost home Lyrics

almost home By ​mxmtoon just close your eyes soon we’ll be home fall asleep to the radio strangers pass by red, green and gold i wonder what they’re all waiting […]

mxmtoon – lessons Lyrics

lessons By mxmtoon Do words lose weight if said too often If not said enough are they forgotten Do I bite my tongue out of over caution now Thought I […]

mxmtoon – quiet motions Lyrics

quiet motions By mxmtoon There’s a warmth In the coldness of the room All the cars going by Are like people on the move Hold your breath, count to ten […]

mxmtoon – fever dream Lyrics

fever dream By mxmtoon Life’s a losing game when you don’t play Don’t hold your cards too close is what they say Now, love is just another leap of faith […]