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Category: mxmtoon

mxmtoon – unspoken words Lyrics

unspoken words by mxmtoon: it wasn’t always easy growing up we had our fights though we wouldn’t say it we wanted to play nice i can safely say we’re friends […]

mxmtoon – my ted talk Lyrics

my ted talk by mxmtoon: my therapist once asked me if i wanted to be in love and i answered back to her “i guess, maybe, kind of….” i mean […]

mxmtoon – untitled Lyrics

untitled by mxmtoon: we grew apart i watched you from afar as your wings began to grow i had to trust you on your own i couldn’t believe but i […]

mxmtoon – ​​late nights Lyrics

late nights by mxmtoon: late nights are for lonely people lying away hardly laying peaceful my mind is restless with the thoughts of you and all the things you do […]

mxmtoon – ​​suffice Lyrics

suffice by mxmtoon: I keep sitting here waiting for something But I know nothing will happen Yes, I know nothing has happened But I’ll keep sitting here waiting for you […]

mxmtoon – dream of you Lyrics

dream of you by mxmtoon I had a dream about you last night At first I took it as a sign Some things are better left alone So I told […]

mxmtoon – blame game Lyrics

blame game By mxmtoon Oh I thought That it was the last time That I’d fallen for someone like you Who don’t care about all the things that I could […]

mxmtoon – high & dry Lyrics

high & dry Lyrics by mxmtoon Throwing empty threats Across at me in passing and I thought That you had grown on up But now I see you’ve been acting […]

mxmtoon – prom dress Lyrics

prom dress by mxmtoon I’m nearing the end Of my fourth year I feel like I’ve been lacking Crying too many tears Everyone seemed to say it was so great […]