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Category: Cavetown

Cavetown - Sharpener Lyrics

Cavetown – Sharpener Lyrics

Sharpener Lyrics – Cavetown Sharpener’s calling me again Trying to turn it into something I can draw into my skin Make it a picture that I love Instead of something […]

Cavetown - Smoke Signals Lyrics

Cavetown – Smoke Signals Lyrics

Smoke Signals By Cavetown I know I’m a freak Ripped the Band-Aid, broke the peace Took the lock but lost the key Guess I set you free I hope you […]

Cavetown – For You Lyrics

For You By Cavetown A sweet tooth for you I’m wide awake The sugar went straight to my brain Feel like a kid, I double tap My chest with my […]

Cavetown – Pyjama Pants Lyrics

Pyjama Pants By Cavetown Don’t come round tonight Don’t want you to see me cry Cuz my face is red and ugly I’m afraid that you won’t love me He […]

Cavetown – Trying Lyrics

Trying By Cavetown I’m not really sure if my words make sense to you But I can’t really find Any other way to form these feelings into cubes And sort […]

Cavetown – Snail Lyrics

Snail By Cavetown I was just born like this Wish that I could change it Four peculiar limbs and a head that doesn’t fit I wish that I was still […]