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Category: Nao

Nao – If You Ever Lyrics

If You Ever Lyrics by Nao Feat. 6LACK Released : 2018 [Verse 1: NAO] It’s about time Maybe we’ll make it, no Save your light And somehow we’ll make it […]

NAO – Drive and Disconnect Lyrics

Drive and Disconnect Lyrics Run, run, running Drive me away, I See ’em come, come, coming Don’t wanna stay, wanna stay in Days like, days like this, like this Find […]

Nao – Make It Out Alive Lyrics

Make It Out Alive by Nao Feat. SiR Released : 2018 How the hell am I supposed to feel? Hope it’s been good, fuck the deal If I fall imma […]

Nao – Another Lifetime Lyrics

Another Lifetime by Nao Released : 2018 I hope you find your way Sorry we couldn’t make it Still, I miss you anyway, yeah I just grew and couldn’t break […]

NAO – Girlfriend Lyrics

NAO – Girlfriend Lyrics

Losing it to waterfalls Rip and tidy years ago Buried under rivers all the doubt I didn’t notice Cause’ maybe we learned for the magical Carpet that belonged to those […]