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PRETTYMUCH – Rock Witchu Lyrics

Rock Witchu by PRETTYMUCH Take my hand I let you take all my time I let you take all my pride I let you read ‘tween these lines, babe Just […]

PRETTYMUCH – Lying ft. Lil Tjay Lyrics

Lying Lyrics by PRETTYMUCH ft. Lil Tjay Sorry to call you So unexpected (It’s PRETTYMUCH) Thought you’d be sleeping, I was gonna leave a message In case you’re wonderin’ I’m […]

PRETTYMUCH – Phases (EP Lyrics)

Artist: PRETTYMUCH Release Date: May 24, 2019 Genre: Pop Tracklist: 01. Phases 02. Gone 2 Long 03. Eyes Off You 04. Temporary Heart 05. 4U 06. One Shot Lsten Below […]

PRETTYMUCH – One Shot Lyrics

One Shot Lyrics by PRETTYMUCH Think I got the blues from you but I don’t know I just can’t see why you keep on holding on Every time you call […]


4U Lyrics by PRETTYMUCH Pretty, PRETTYMUCH Heyo, yeah! Kiss me in your jammies by the fireplace I’ll listen close to every single word you say You tell me, “Baby, live […]

PRETTYMUCH – Temporary Heart Lyrics

Temporary Heart Lyrics by PRETTYMUCH Hang me out to dry with all your clothespins Heart was on the line like all your close friends I wish I would’ve seen where […]

PRETTYMUCH – Eyes Off You Lyrics

Eyes Off You Lyrics by PRETTYMUCH Don’t ask why I can paint a picture of you in my mind, love All my life I never thought someone would make me […]

PRETTYMUCH – Phases Lyrics

Phases Lyrics by PRETTYMUCH Oh, babe I know you’re tryna do you, but I heard you fell off After a couple bad nights And 20 cold hearts, mmm Tryna find […]

PRETTYMUCH – Gone 2 Long Lyrics

Gone 2 Long Lyrics by PRETTYMUCH Don’t you give your heart away so easily That would be the end of a beautiful story Don’t you give your heart away so […]

PRETTYMUCH – Jello Lyrics

Jello Lyrics PRETTYMUCH [Zion] It’s PRETTYMUCH! [Zion] Aye, when you walked up to the table Made me feel so unstable Lookin’ so fly like an angel Ah-ah-ah Aye, jeans so […]

PRETTYMUCH – Real Friends Lyrics

Real Friends by PRETTYMUCH Released : 2018 [Intro: Zion] Hol’ up It’s PRETTYMUCH by the way, if you didn’t know Which you probably did ’cause you’re listening Go! [Verse 1: […]

PRETTYMUCH – Solita Lyrics

​​​​Solita by Prettymuch Feat. Rich The Kid Released : 2018 Ooh, I got the keys, baby Ride with me baby (It’s PRETTYMUCH) The bigger they be baby (yuh, yuh, yuh) […]

PRETTYMUCH – On My Way Lyrics

On My Way by PRETTYMUCH Released : 2018 Yeah Aye Aye! Every time we do this, it’s the same thing (I’m trying) I know when we fight we’ll be fine […]

PRETTYMUCH – No More Lyrics

No More by PRETTYMUCH Released : 2017 (You know what it is when you hear that haaa) Señorita I ain’t tryna play I been thinking you should get a taste […]

PRETTYMUCH – Open Arms Lyrics

Open Arms by PRETTYMUCH Released : 2017 Yo, it’s PRETTYMUCH I see you’ve been trying to make Something out of nothing But baby I’m starting to face The fact that […]