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Category: Qveen Herby

Qveen Herby - The Show Lyrics

Qveen Herby – The Show Lyrics

The Show Lyrics – Qveen Herby Welcome to the show Fuck all these hoes All my real ones know How deep it goes Mirrors and the smoke (Ah) Want you […]

Qveen Herby - Elevator Lyrics

Qveen Herby – Elevator Lyrics

Elevator Lyrics – Qveen Herby Elevator, elevator, elevator to the top Elevator, elevator, elevator never drop Elevator, elevator, elevator all the way up Elevator, elevator, elevator stay up Sexy lil’ […]

Qveen Herby - Alright Lyrics

Qveen Herby – Alright Lyrics

Alright Lyrics By Qveen Herby I need help sometimes I don’t know all the meanings I need your help sometimes You give me so much meaning When I lean on […]

Qveen Herby - Who Is She Lyrics

Qveen Herby – Who Is She Lyrics

Who Is She Lyrics by Qveen Herby Oh my God Who is she? Babe alarm look at her I subscribe Boxy charm, see that drip soaking wet Cushion cut, got […]

Qveen Herby - Pre Roll Lyrics

Qveen Herby – Pre Roll Lyrics

Pre Roll Lyrics By Qveen Herby Keep a pre-roll in my pocket For when life gets too chaotic You want bops then girl you got it I make hits like […]

Qveen Herby - Sleepwalker Lyrics

Qveen Herby – Sleepwalker Lyrics

Sleepwalker By Qveen Herby All these bitches out here Moving on the street like “Let’s just get the bag bro” Something doesn’t feel right Stories getting hidden, buried in opinions […]