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Category: Sepultura

Sepultura – Isolation Lyrics

Isolation By Sepultura Perpetrated over time Better walk the narrow line Never challenge what we say In the darkness of our mind Never thought we’d be so blind Let the […]

Sepultura – Ultraseven No Uta Lyrics

Ultraseven No Uta by Sepultura Sebun sebun sebun! Sebun sebun sebun! Haruka na hoshi ga furusato ga Urutorasebun faitaa sebun Urutorasebun sebun sebun Susume! gniga no hatemademo Urutora ai de […]

Sepultura – Chosen Skin Lyrics

Chosen Skin by Sepultura There is an endless consumption A careless production destroying what stands in its way A product drenched in blood. Profit at any cost Expanding No limits […]

Sepultura – Cyber God Lyrics

Cyber God by Sepultura I saw this many times smothered by the words Lashed out from your mouth You’ll pay the price backing all the shit you said It flowed […]

Sepultura – Vandals Nest Lyrics

Vandals Nest by Sepultura A bitter battle brewing. Engulfed in flames A game for many. Others feel the pain Seek a side for cover. Attack your enemy Many spit their […]

Sepultura – Silent Violence Lyrics

Silent Violence by Sepultura I’ve taken all I can take I feel the need to destroy Fight or flight is born in me Chronic pain set free Anger raging. The […]