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Category: Sheppard

Sheppard – Die Young Lyrics

Die Young By Sheppard Lyrics In a world that’s color blind We see it all through kaleidoscope eyes There’s a treasure buried in the sand But we got the compass […]

Sheppard – Riding The Wave Lyrics

Riding The Wave by Sheppard Released : 2018 Don’t you know this night isn’t over Cause I’ve still got this music running round in my head We could lose it […]

Sheppard – Coming Home Lyrics

Coming Home by Sheppard Released : 2017 I’ve been stuck in motion Moving too fast Trying to catch a moment that slips through my hands All I see are long […]

Sheppard – We Belong Lyrics

We Belong Lyrics by Sheppard I had heard of love but had my doubts Heartache was something I could do without But it started changing when you came around And […]