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Category: Sheppard

Sheppard – Phoenix Lyrics

Phoenix By Sheppard Can’t bear to watch the news today Looks like the world is going up in flames All of the smoke blocking out the sun Feels like the […]

Sheppard – Die Young Lyrics

Die Young By Sheppard Lyrics In a world that’s color blind We see it all through kaleidoscope eyes There’s a treasure buried in the sand But we got the compass […]

Sheppard – Riding The Wave Lyrics

Riding The Wave by Sheppard Released : 2018 Don’t you know this night isn’t over Cause I’ve still got this music running round in my head We could lose it […]

Sheppard – Coming Home Lyrics

Coming Home by Sheppard Released : 2017 I’ve been stuck in motion Moving too fast Trying to catch a moment that slips through my hands All I see are long […]

Sheppard – We Belong Lyrics

We Belong Lyrics by Sheppard I had heard of love but had my doubts Heartache was something I could do without But it started changing when you came around And […]