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Category: Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez – K Lo K Lyrics

Tory Lanez – K Lo K Lyrics (feat. Fivio Foreign) We in the spot (We in the spot), uh Hand me the key to the trap (Hand me the keys) […]

Tory Lanez – Room 112 Lyrics

Room 112 By Tory Lanez Papa coming home, like to give you that raw (Yeah) Favorite position, from the back door (Ooh, yeah) Girl, you know the drill don’t ask no questions (Ooh, yeah) […]

Tory Lanez – If You Gotta… Lyrics

If You Gotta… By Tory Lanez Yeah, uh Lil Tory Uh Yeah, yeah, uh Look, I’ma talk to you, you finna talk back You got that good good, I’m finna spark that She […]

Tory Lanez – Thoughts Lyrics

Thoughts By Tory Lanez Here (Ah) She’s fine too, but I want you (Ah) Slowly, driftin’ slowly Yeah, if you could see the thoughts that’s in my head Slowly, driftin’ slowly (Slow) Got […]

Tory Lanez – Still Waiting Lyrics

Still Waiting By Tory Lanez I really hope you never ever get to love me I’m thinkin’ of all the times that you dubbed me Now that I’m poppin’, you […]

Tory Lanez – The Cry Lyrics

The Cry By Tory Lanez I can hear your heart crying, crying out I can hear your heart, I can hear your heart crying You curved the f--- out of me, baby Some nerve, […]

Tory Lanez – Yessirr Lyrics

Yessirr By Tory Lanez Down 95 Get f-----, uh Off top, this for the bad b------ only Baby, you got it, come and put that p---- on me Off top, stop talkin’ like I’m […]

Tory Lanez – The Fargo Splash Lyrics

The Fargo Splash By Tory Lanez They want it now and fast Grabbin’ and smackin’ a-- You gotta make it last What? (F--- me) Oh, oh, oh, say it (Make love to me) […]

Tory Lanez – Broken Promises Lyrics

Broken Promises By Tory Lanez Promises You give me some more promises You give me some more promises Give it some more promises Promise, give you promises You give me some more Let […]

Tory Lanez – The Take Lyrics

The Take By Tory Lanez ft. Chris Brown Take you down What I’m about Take you down What I’m about Take you down I really wanna take you down And show you […]

Tory Lanez – The Trade Lyrics

The Trade By Tory Lanez (Feat. Jagged Edge & Jermaine Dupri) Analyzing now Stand clear Check for pulse No shock advised Analyzing now, stand clear It feels like forever I’ve […]