Tory Lanez – Why Did I Lyrics

Why Did I Lyrics – Tory Lanez Why did I bring you outside? (Outside) Cash, got the money, playin’ fives, southside (Side) Ooh, I’m sad (Sad), shawty, you don’t slide

Tory Lanez – City Boy Summer Lyrics

Lyrics City Boy Summer – Tory Lanez (He’s a sweet soul brother) Hahahahaha, uh Yeah Lil’ Tory, uh Yeah I think they know what the fuck it is, nigga, I

Tory Lanez – It Doesn’t Matter Lyrics

It Doesn’t Matter Lyrics – Tory Lanez Give that somethin’ to me We gon’ take that shit from 60 to 103, yeah Lookin’ at your water and it’s somethin’ to

Tory Lanez – London (Freestyle) Lyrics

London (Freestyle) Lyrics – Tory Lanez The Yeezy are color your days, the number the J’s, the number the Nike are rare They play in the summer, they lay in

Tory Lanez – I LIKE Lyrics

I LIKE Lyrics – Tory Lanez She likes the way I am, yeah, oh my She likes the way I am, yeah, yeah Yeah (She likes the way—) Uh, tired

Tory Lanez – Mucky James Lyrics

Mucky James Lyrics – Tory Lanez (Too legit) Y’all niggas ain’t Y’all niggas ain’t lookin’ at what I’m lookin’ at I look at my son in the fuckin’ eyes Nigga,

Tory Lanez – Florida Shit Lyrics

Florida Shit Lyrics – Tory Lanez Motherfucker That’s why I fucked your bitch Haha, aye, aye This shit specially sent out (It’s specially sent) To all my niggas from Florida

Tory Lanez – Taken Care Lyrics

Taken Care Lyrics – Tory Lanez Uh, yeah Uh You know you— Know you—know you— Uh So fuckin’ selfish You want me to yourself and not be no one elses

Tory Lanez – CAP Lyrics

CAP Lyrics – Tory Lanez What the fuck is that? Ayy, everybody has their own drink Told the beef was over, that was, ayy Said the beef was over, that

Tory Lanez – Enchanted Waterfall Lyrics

Enchanted Waterfall Lyrics – Tory Lanez I left my love at your place today (Uh) Way too young for these incidents Hold my heart, I might sleep too long Goin’

Tory Lanez – Lavender Sunflower Lyrics

Lavender Sunflower Lyrics – Tory Lanez Sexy lady What would you do If this goes right, girl If everything goes like we planned it to? Sexy lady What would you

Tory Lanez – Hurt From Mercury Lyrics

Hurt From Mercury Lyrics – Tory Lanez I’ve lost my love, I’m sad (So sad) She’s found someone who’s better (Who’s better than me) Text you at every party, just

Tory Lanez – ’87 Stingray Lyrics

’87 Stingray Lyrics – Tory Lanez Woah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, hey, hey Baby, baby girl Fillin’ me up, fill me with love, yeah, yeah You give me a

Tory Lanez – Lady Of Namek Lyrics

Lady Of Namek Lyrics – Tory Lanez Baby (Baby, baby) I want you to leave, would you stay? My brain and my heart ain’t the same So will I let