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Category: Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez - SHAMELESS Lyrics

Tory Lanez – SHAMELESS Lyrics

SHAMELESS Lyrics – Tory Lanez She gon’ let me hit it, ass out, ayy She gon’ make me throw that cash out, ayy I’ma make lil’ shorty tap out, ayy […]

Tory Lanez - HITTER Lyrics

Tory Lanez – HITTER Lyrics

HITTER Lyrics – Tory Lanez I come through smellin’ like sex Ain’t no tellin’, I flex Fuck that, tell ’em I’m next Bank emailin’ my checks ShadeRoom, tell ’em I […]

Tory Lanez - MOTORBOAT Lyrics

Tory Lanez – MOTORBOAT Lyrics

MOTORBOAT Lyrics – Tory Lanez Yeah, and I’m straight off the motorboat I got bitches they goin’ for goin’ dope Break it down and then sell the brick door to […]

Tory Lanez - BOSS Lyrics

Tory Lanez – BOSS Lyrics

BOSS Lyrics – Tory Lanez Except for when my baby mama think I’m scammin’ her I’m on the run from bein’ broke and I got stamina Said I’ma fuck some […]

Tory Lanez - Money Over Fallouts Lyrics

Tory Lanez – Money Over Fallouts Lyrics

Money Over Fallouts Lyrics By Tory Lanez It’s one of the crazier stories we’ve heard of, guys (I know) As it’s unfolding it’s like… Fuck Tory Lanez, okay? Now, I’m […]

Tory Lanez - A Woman Lyrics

Tory Lanez – A Woman Lyrics

A Woman Lyrics By Tory Lanez And to think That a woman A woman that I love so dear Could make me sicker to my stomach, woah-oh And to think […]