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Category: Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez - BIG TIPPER Lyrics

Tory Lanez – BIG TIPPER Lyrics

BIG TIPPER Lyrics – Tory Lanez Yessir Woo Uh-huh, uh-huh Uh-huh, uh-huh Ayy, ayy Bitch, I’m a big tipper And you a big stripper And I won’t fuck a bitch […]

Tory Lanez - BOINK BOINK Lyrics

Tory Lanez – BOINK BOINK Lyrics

BOINK BOINK Lyrics – Tory Lanez (Let’s go Mario) Soon as I beat again, I get offended, I get to makin’ a face Lambo, new drop, Rari outside, uh, uh, […]

Tory Lanez - SHAMELESS Lyrics

Tory Lanez – SHAMELESS Lyrics

SHAMELESS Lyrics – Tory Lanez She gon’ let me hit it, ass out, ayy She gon’ make me throw that cash out, ayy I’ma make lil’ shorty tap out, ayy […]

Tory Lanez - HITTER Lyrics

Tory Lanez – HITTER Lyrics

HITTER Lyrics – Tory Lanez I come through smellin’ like sex Ain’t no tellin’, I flex Fuck that, tell ’em I’m next Bank emailin’ my checks ShadeRoom, tell ’em I […]

Tory Lanez - MOTORBOAT Lyrics

Tory Lanez – MOTORBOAT Lyrics

MOTORBOAT Lyrics – Tory Lanez Yeah, and I’m straight off the motorboat I got bitches they goin’ for goin’ dope Break it down and then sell the brick door to […]

Tory Lanez - BOSS Lyrics

Tory Lanez – BOSS Lyrics

BOSS Lyrics – Tory Lanez Except for when my baby mama think I’m scammin’ her I’m on the run from bein’ broke and I got stamina Said I’ma fuck some […]