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Category: Whethan

Whethan - Drumdown Mambo Lyrics

Whethan – Drumdown Mambo Lyrics

Drumdown Mambo Lyrics – Whethan Dee-daa bam-boom, bam-boom, bam-boom Pa-dee-daa-daa, pam pam-pam Pa-dee-daa-dee, tam pam-pam Beat the drum down, now the sun down When I come around (wait, wait, wait, […]

Whethan - Sunshine Lyrics

Whethan – Sunshine Lyrics

Sunshine Lyrics – Whethan Sun shower got me by the hour Watching you, oh baby Sun shower got me by the hour Sun shower got me by the hour Watching […]

Whethan - So Good Lyrics

Whethan – So Good Lyrics

So Good Lyrics – Whethan Damn What am I doing? I didn’t mean to think out loud Feeling your emotion is getting me over someone It wasn’t my plan to […]

Whethan - Clouds Lyrics

Whethan – Clouds Lyrics

Clouds Lyrics – Whethan Hey, hey, I’m not Overly sociable Come join the dots Too overemotional I know, I know you said That life sounds better as a duet I […]

Whethan - Ocean Energy Lyrics

Whethan – Ocean Energy Lyrics

Ocean Energy Lyrics – Whethan It’s not fair, you come over my house You’re acting like it means nothing Our signs just don’t align, it’s not fair It gets later […]

Whethan - All I Needed Lyrics

Whethan – All I Needed Lyrics

All I Needed Lyrics – Whethan You must’ve known You’d be all I needed I must’ve blown Every opportunity (You must’ve) In the snow storm (You’d be all) In the […]