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Category: WILD

WILD – Surround You Lyrics

Surround You By WILD So the rain comes down Oceans on the ground Mountains to climb Rain keeps comin’ New heights, blue skies I’m not runnin’ I’ll surround you And […]

WILD – Do It All Again Lyrics

Do It All Again By WILD I’m not afraid I’ve walked through snow and fire But I’m not tired They’re not the same I’ve crossed the open waters But you’re […]

WILD – Draw The Line Lyrics

Draw The Line By WILD Like the dawn in a dark place I was there on your worst days My heart was tired and heavy You just turned white like […]

WILD – This Is Our Time Lyrics

This Is Our Time By WILD The sun the sun is climbing slowly I hold these moments closely closely now These waves hit a little harder I know they’re gonna […]

WILD – Brighter Side Lyrics

Brighter Side Lyrics by WILD Passion always needs a maker and babe you’ve been mine Dress it up with lace and layers and then you’ll be fine Seen the way […]