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Category: Yuna

Yuna – Does She Lyrics

Does She by Yuna Am I the problem So immature I can’t accept goodbye RIP feelings But there’s no cure I’ve tried a million times And I heard you’re tearing […]

Yuna – Amy Lyrics

Amy by Yuna Amy, go put your shoes on Oh, what’s taking you so long I’ve been waiting out here I’ve got to be back home at five Riding on […]

Yuna – Forget About You Lyrics

Forget About You by Yuna I still hear your voice See your ghost in my house Speaking softly Slowly You live in my nightmares My daydreams And everywhere You’re callin’ […]

Yuna – Castaway Lyrics

Castaway by Yuna (feat. Tyler, The Creator) Hold up Got a minute for me, yeah I know I just show up Didn’t know I got a call before Maybe you […]

Yuna – Likes Lyrics

Likes by Yuna I think I gotta be honest to myself I could never be anybody else I could never please everybody else But I care too much for everybody […]

Yuna - Forevermore Lyrics

Yuna – Forevermore Lyrics

Forevermore Lyrics by Yuna [Yuna] I feel the fire, it burns inside I hear a choir sing through the night Don’t let it go Don’t ever lose hope [Yuna] I […]