Dan + Shay – Then Again Lyrics

Then Again Lyrics by Dan + Shay

If I could go back then again I woulda held onto that Bronco
Took the work week off for that boys’ trip to Colorado
Stuck around for graduation
Been a little bit more patient
Finished my degree I might be rich

Then again I wouldn’t be sitting here with my whole world in my arms
Stealing kisses on a Sunday afternoon
There’s a few things that I might have changed if
God put me in charge
Then again I would’ve never met you

If I could go back then again I’d say sorry to Savannah
Take one last trip to Grandpa’s house just outside Atlanta
I’d spend more time at 507
Send a few more prayers to heaven
If it were up to me
Who knows where I’d be

Without the heartbreaks and hard goodbyes
And all the wrong turns that turned out right

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