Danger Mouse & Black Thought – Close To Famous Lyrics

Close To Famous Lyrics – Danger Mouse & Black Thought

Ayo, don’t even worry ’bout it, my legendary styling
Between [?] and [?]
I’m from a city where it’s violent and it’s overcrowded
I put it on the map, y’all ain’t even know about it
I bought the pole without it, the soul flowin’ out
Make it hard to figure how y’all managed to go without it
A mic with a chord, I never do a show without it
When dealing with force, I lift ’em up and throw ’em out
I know the way to go the route, show you what a soldier bout
Big boy arms I’m holding out, clips folding out
Used to be a little snot nose but I’m older now
You can try what you want, I’ll show you what I don’t allow
Fuck all the run around, you on a hunting ground
You spit a hundred bars, I spit a hundred rounds
You run a hundred yards tryna get out of bounds
This when I tackle y’all and show you how the thunder sounds
Bang ya as we approach the danger
With beats that awoke the anger
And I ain’t know the music was supposed to change us
But when I start spitting shit it’s so contagious
It smokes the pages
I literally spoke to sages
They said there’s no hope to save us
‘Cause we the bad guys, you supposed to blame us
But nowadays everybody close to famous
But stop modeling and [?] like a allogene
Y’all motherfuckers could forget about challengin’
I blind rappers like a magnified halogen
You tryna tussle with the truth, how about it then
I am lightyears beyond, not behind
I’m what of what separates god from truly divine
Get me a crystal head vodka with a twist of lime
Then watch rappers get smoked like a [?]
I will bring it to your door step knick of time
I will put you in a body bag, kick a rhyme
Niggas sick but they not near sick as I am
Rappers is slick but they’re not near slick as I am
I don’t give a flying, stop signifying
Stop speaking into the mic and die dignified
I’m that septicide, pesticide, genocide
Who in the morgue? Absolutely identify