Fickle Friends – Listen Lyrics

Listen Lyrics – Fickle Friends

Listen I’ve got some insight
I’ve got some insight
Into what you’re feeling
And the way you’re thinking
And the way you treat yourself

Listen. I found a way in
I found a way in
To the inside of your head
Something you’re not saying
Is it something that I said

I tell you all the time

Whenever you think that you’re not good
And everything seems so hard to rise above
Come on confide confide in me yeah
Don’t wanna be so surprised to see ya
I know exactly what ya going through
I’m somebody, someone worth talking to
There’s so much you try to hide from me yeah
Don’t you know you can’t lie to me

Aren’t you
Tired of hearing that you are barely
Holding it together
What the hells the matter
Struggling to figure it out
There is no shame in saying it out loud
Being too vulnerable when you’re too proud
I just wanna listen
I just wanna hear you
I just wanna hear you out