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Album: Are We Gonna Be Alright? (2022)

Fickle Friends – Not Okay Lyrics

Not Okay Lyrics – Fickle Friends I got nothing to say I’m lost for words But I’d write you an essay I got nothing to say Cos we’re not okay

Fickle Friends – Write Me A Song Lyrics

Write Me A Song Lyrics – Fickle Friends Shut up and write me a song That makes me lots of money while I’m sitting at home I wanna hear it

Fickle Friends – Glow Lyrics

Glow Lyrics – Fickle Friends I was so broken A frozen statue Wasn’t moving forward More falling backwards Into old habits Thought you must be a god More like an

Fickle Friends – Pretty Great Lyrics

Pretty Great Lyrics – Fickle Friends Kissed someone at a party Apparently they were pretty great I’ve not a clue what they look like ‘Cause they were all up in

Fickle Friends – Load On Your Mind Lyrics

Load On Your Mind Lyrics – Fickle Friends Would you show you what there is to see I’ve been living in this dream for eternity I’ve been overwhelmed I’ve been

Fickle Friends – IRL Lyrics

IRL Lyrics – Fickle Friends I really like your messages They’re so intelligent We’ve been at this for too long It’s getting aggressive Wish I could see the way you

Fickle Friends – Listen Lyrics

Listen Lyrics – Fickle Friends Listen I’ve got some insight I’ve got some insight Into what you’re feeling And the way you’re thinking And the way you treat yourself Listen.

Fickle Friends – Are We Gonna Be Alright? Lyrics

Are We Gonna Be Alright? Lyrics – Fickle Friends Looking round our living room I can’t help but imagine you It’s hard without your company Wish you were standing by

Fickle Friends – Yeah Yeah Yeah Lyrics

Yeah Yeah Yeah Lyrics – Fickle Friends Limbo Is a weird place to be Full of empty pages and idiosyncrasies shouting in the Grand Canyon Hearing my own voice Echoing

Fickle Friends – Alone Lyrics

Alone Lyrics – Fickle Friends I’m a loser at a loose end I don’t feel like doing nothing Got a free place for the weekend I don’t wanna be alone

Fickle Friends – Love You to Death Lyrics

Love You to Death Lyrics – Fickle Friends I look tense I love the heart inside your body I like the way you taste like honey in my mouth It

Fickle Friends – Won’t Hurt Myself Lyrics

Won’t Hurt Myself Lyrics – Fickle Friends Why did I dive in? I hit my head On the bottom of the shallow end Gave myself brain freeze when I ate