Fickle Friends – Load On Your Mind Lyrics

Load On Your Mind Lyrics – Fickle Friends

Would you show you what there is to see
I’ve been living in this dream for eternity
I’ve been overwhelmed I’ve been so damn insecure
I need the loving of a friend
I need a nurturer

It’s so hard to let it go
Sometimes you just need to scream into your pillow
I’ve been feeling like I’m running low on energy
I’ve been looking for a cure, for a remedy yeh

Hope that you know
I’m a stone throw away
If there’s a load on your mind
I’ll be the shoulder to carry your weight
No need to fear or to hide

Where do you go
At the end of the day
Losing the concept of time
I’ll hear you out when you’ve something to say
If there’s a load on your mind

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