IU – Remake Lyrics

Remake by IU
Album: Kkot-Galpi #2
Released : 2017
Genre: K-pop

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IU Lyrics

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● “Palette ”

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[ Quotable ]
Rather than long hair, I definitely prefer a short bob
Nonetheless, I was still pretty when I sang Good Day
Why is it that I like things that are a bit tacky?
Rather than pictures, I prefer filled palettes, diaries, times I was asleep

● ” Through the Night ”

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[ Quotable ]
I remember our first kiss
Every time, I close my eyes
And it takes me away to the farthest place
Like the words written in the sand
Where the waves are
I’m afraid you’ll disappear
So I always miss you
I can’t take out
All these words in my heart
But this means that I love you

● ” Good Day ”

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[ Quotable ]
Was my recent hairstyle change bad?
Did I wear the wrong clothes?
Still pretending like I don’t know, like I don’t remember
Should I act as if nothing happened?
Should I just say that we should go out?
My eyes fill with tears, so I lift my head up
I smile a little so they won’t fall
Why are you like this to me, what are you saying?
All the things we talked about go to the sky