Lea Michele – Hey You Lyrics

Hey You by Lea Michele
Album : Places
Released : 2017
genre : Pop
Lable : Columbia Records

Hey you
It’s really good to see you
I’ve got so much to tell you
But you should know I’m doing fine

Hey you
Had a story to tell you
But honestly I can’t even remember
Really doesn’t matter

Never seen you this happy
Never seen you so peaceful
Even though you can’t hold me
Hurts you, hurts me, but you’re here

When the days are getting dark
Nights are getting hard
I see you
And when I laugh until I cry
I don’t even know why I feel you

Hey you
Funny thing I found that old t-shirt we thought you lost it
It’s still the softest
You know it made me
Put on your favorite Radiohead song
It took me back to
When we were driving down Laurel Canyon
And too fast you know you never slowed down

The final days were the hardest
I didn’t think they would be your last
Hope you know I forgive you
Give anything to get them back

Know that everything’s okay
I’m doing okay without you
I know you had to go away
I’ll tell you everyday I miss you

Hey you
I know you always liked to get the last words in
But before you go
You should know
I love you more
I said so

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