Matt Citron – Save My Soul Lyrics

Save My Soul Lyrics by Matt Citron

Yeah, now that’s much better, that’s much better

[Verse 1]
This been that shit that I was talking bout since ’95
I want those Gaga numbers, y’all just tryna feel that hype
[?] my competition
Stop pretending, stop the tennis
Fuck with all that back and forth
I’m [?] I see attention
I see [?], I see you need attention
I pay no mind to that cause time is money
You’re wasting my [?] investment
[?] when it’s time to work never see the effort
I got no problem cutting ties off, duck and ride off
I’m [?] check the [?], set the bar high
I’m on a [?]
Feel like a cyborg, I still got my eyes closed
I cut the game with a sick precision with scissors
I split my ambiblical running straight out the womb
I make sure that everything remains raw
Y’all just talk, everything remains blaw
My dogs off of the leash
These broads [?] catch feelings and they off of the lease
All for the love of the game, are you fucking insane?
Tryna get my squad a mansion ‘for they take ’em away, damn

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